What are some products that you found on PH that you are still using to this day?

Hannah S Kim
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I've been scrolling down the homepage and looking through people's upvote list to find some cool products, and I've definitely been impressed! But I was wondering, since this space is so highly saturated, what are some products that you find yourself using consistently? Feel free to recommend some of your favorites :)


Aaron O'Leary
Great question! I'm still using Walling, Calmaria, TickTick 5.0 and probably tons more I just can't think of them lol
Mark Mankarious
Remove.bg ...very helpful
Emily Hodgins
Oh boy I feel like all the products I use I've found on here (but then I am here every day 😉). One that springs to mind instantly though is Loom. It's so helpful.
Oh man, my work arsenal would be so different if it weren't for Product Hunt. I use InShot , StoryChief 2.0 , remove.bg , Glide , MOFT Laptop Stand , & Draft by Slite to name a few.
Arnaud MARIE
There are so many, I can't even recall those who were first on Product Hunt. But I would say: - remove.bg (Mark already send it) - Brandfetch - all graphic elements (logo, font, colors, etc.) in a click for any brand. - Eesel - access all your docs (notion, gdocs, figma, gitlab, etc.) from your browser home page. - MusicForProgramming - music to focus
Suddan S S
StoryChief.io , Bubble ,Webflow , Airtable 2.0 and many more resources. I love the community and always willing to share feedback and validate the ideas.
Pritam Kumar
Notion 2.0, one of the good tool that I'm still using and recommend
Wilson Bright
I found Blush from PH and it is super helpful.
Anton Prakash
Notion is really working great and we found it in PH
Calum Webb
The two I think of most, are likely Pock for making my Touchbar a whole lot more useful, and fun in my day-to-day life and Spark for making managing my inbox a breeze, across my different email addresses.
Hannah S Kim
@calum Just checked out Spark and it seems neat- it contains all the features and tools we love and need!
These are the products I use often & found via PH: by Cloudflare, to Stories, Portal & Oak Meditation 2.0
Jacqueline von Tesmar
PH introduced me to the soundtrack to my life. It's been a go-to since discovery Poolside FM. And I hit up Gemnote for outfitting the Product Hunt team in branded swag and of course Sticker Mule for amazing service and perfect stickers for our community.
Dan Mueller
So far, I'm only using HeartLight, which is how I got on Product Hunt. Lots of recs on here though, and grateful for the question / answers!
Neel Patel
A lot to be honest, InVideo , Coolors , Notepad by ClickUp , Krisp Mac are just few! But thinking of other way around, I have been using Mobilo Metal Card already and I see they just launched on PH :D
Dan Edwards
Ooh there's a bunch! A few that come to mind: Pasta, One Switch, remove.bg, Whimsical, HapticKey ✌️