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Daily Digest
June 18th, 2024
This new feature from Warp lets users talk directly to their computer in plain English.This new feature from Warp lets users talk directly to their computer in plain English.

Imagine being a developer and telling your command line exactly what you need in plain English.

That’s the idea behind Warp’s newest product, Agent Mode. Agent Mode lives in the Warp Terminal and allows developers to write in plain English and receive step-by-step guidance through development workflows.

Agent Mode is not a code generation tool; it’s more of an always-on technical assistant in your terminal. According to Melanie Crissey, Warp's Product Marketing Manager, it represents a “paradigm shift” in how developers interact with their computers.

What can it do?

Unlike an external AI assistant, Agent Mode follows along in your terminal while you work. It learns about your project, identifies roadblocks, and understands the technologies you're using to make smart suggestions about your dev environment.

For example, if you’re setting up a Rails project but are unfamiliar with the command line commands, you can ask for guidance in plain English. The AI agent will walk you through each command you need to input.

Agent Mode can also execute tasks. In the announcement video, Founder and CEO Zach Lloyd sets up a database pooling connection. After Agent Mode explains the initial tasks, Zach asks it to set up a Docker file. The assistant seeks permission to run specific commands and instantly sets up the Docker file once approved. It will ask for permission anytime you request it to execute a command. 

There’s been a lot of talk about AI replacing developers. Remember Devin, the supposedly first AI-powered software engineer? The Warp team has decided to take a different, choosing to empower developers instead of replacing them. CEO Zach Lloyd said, “Instead of trying to replace software engineers with AI, Agent Mode unlocks productivity, tightening the feedback loop between humans and AI.”

If you want to give it a spin, you can download or update Warp and simply type “hello” and Agent Mode will be ready and waiting.

June 17th, 2024
This AI platform collaborates with big-name artists to make music accessible to all

Remember when The Beatles got together for one last song? It got mixed reviews, but the fact that one of the biggest bands of all time embraced AI set a precedent. AI was going to change the music industry. From writing songs to generating entire tracks, many predicted an AI-powered musical revolution.

TwoShot is one of those AI apps looking to make its mark on the music scene. Launched last week, It is focused on making music accessible to all by letting you craft tracks with your voice, text prompt, or just by humming into a mic. 

Say you’re working on a lo-fi track to stimulate productivity. You can instruct TwoShot to generate a “melody of flutes inspired by nature” and then pair it with a chill drum line by beatboxing into your mic. The AI will turn it into a full-fledged, professional-sounding track. 

It also comes with a library of over 200,000 samples, ranging from rock to country music and everything in between, that you can grab for inspiration or even use the AI to remix into something new to create your next banger. 

One of the most powerful features is TwoShot's plethora of different models. While building your track, you can swap your chosen AI model at any stage for a different one, including ones built by big names. Say you want your lyrics to have a female voice. You can load up the “Grimes” model with your prompt or existing sounds, and it will work it into a more Grimes-esque sound.

Alongside that, these models are “ethically trained,” according to the team, meaning they usually have attained artist permission to use their likeness or have worked with them to create the model itself, like in the case of the Grimes one above. 

Of course, TwoShot isn’t the only platform looking to change up the music scene. Spotify recently launched AI playlists, a new tool that lets you generate playlists with a prompt, and Meta launched AudioCraft last year as a tool for making songs with AI.

Weekly Digest
More Launch Stories
June 18th, 2024

Dream Machine is a text-to-video model that competes with OpenAI’s Sora, outperforming Sora's output at 120 frames of video in around 120 seconds. Dream Machine is built by Luma AI, an a16z and Nvidia-backed startup. Read more.

ICYMI, Apple launched Apple Intelligence, iOS 18, a crazy new calculator app, and more. You can read our digestible breakdown of the best new AI features here.

MARS5 TTS from CAMB.AI is an open-source, text-to-speech model, even for “extremely tough prosodic scenarios.” That means the AI can replicate speech rhythm and intonation patterns when it matters (e.g. imagine sports commentators or a movie trailer voice-overs.)

MotherDuck is now Generally Available. The cloud SQL analytics platform is recognized for its fresh approach to data infrastructure, including blending local and cloud query execution. Read the story.

Writer launched an AI studio with a Python framework to help companies build AI apps. The startup emerged as a product to help companies use AI style guides and grew quickly, locking down enterprise customers who, as it turns out, need help building more AI stuff. Read more.

TeamCreate is a tool that creates various types of AI workers from a simple Slack integration. It was launched by the team at Sivo, a fast-growing, YC-backed debt-as-a-service startup.

More Launch Stories
June 10th, 2024

Detail wants creators to share videos without editing software. Launched originally in 2020, Detail's latest update puts even more editing tools right into the recording experience, like text-based editing and remote recording. Detail is founded by Paul Veugen, whose past startups won Apple and Webby Awards. Read the story.

Descript, the popular audio & video editor, launched Underlord, an AI video assistant. If you’re a user, you know that Descript’s text-based editing was a game changer, but editing is still a time suck. Underlord can now redline changes for you, create clips, and more. Read the story.

Second is a codebase maintenance system from second-time YC founder Eric Rowell. Connect to your GitHub repo, select whatever maintenance module you need (e.g. Angular to React), review the AI agent's plan, modify as needed, and hit run. Read the Story.

Cello is a new all-in-one referral platform for B2B SaaS. Although a crowded space, the founders (a Forbes 30 under 30, serial founder + an ex-Twilio PM Director) say Cello is set apart through its seamless integration with your product, which motivated them to build it in the first place.

Elevate (formerly Bloom) offers US-based USD accounts for remote employees and freelancers, primarily in East and North Africa. Back in 2022, it became the first startup from Sudan to particpate in YC, and is now available in other emerging markets.

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