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Daily Digest
May 28th, 2024
Hex is giving everyone on your team data superpowersHex is giving everyone on your team data superpowers

Everyone seems to know that you need to dig into data fast to make the best decisions. 

Yet, for all the talk in business about how “data is king,” data isn’t often readily accessible to some of the most important people in an organization. Ops teams, marketers, PMs, founders, and even business analysts hit a roadblock when it comes to pulling the information they need. Quick questions don’t get answered, and deep dives are projects in themselves. 

Hex has been growing in popularity amongst data teams for its flexibility and collaborative workspace. It helps them explore data fast, run data science projects, or build interactive data apps. With its recent launch, Hex brings the same powers to people who don’t live in SQL or Python. 

Data for your whole team: Hex is an analytics platform with tools for everyone to explore, build, and share, no matter their technical skill set. Hex’s data notebook-style interface is built to be flexible. People across a company can use SQL, Python, no-code tools, and AI prompts — all together on a single canvas. It supports real-time collaboration with features like version control and diffs to track changes. 

True story: Hex has changed our workflows here at Product Hunt. Our team used native integrations to swiftly and securely connect to our data. Then, we generated category reports that the Content Team manipulates and filters daily to surface trends in our newsletters without help from a technical person. We can also use self-serve lists to localize our event communications in minutes.

Beyond Product Hunt, Hex’s other customers include Reddit, Notion, Anthropic, and Brex, to name a few.

If empowering your team to answer its questions with data sounds as crucial as it was for us...

May 27th, 2024
A product for growth people by growth people

The Growth Manager or Head of Growth role has exploded in the last ten years. People in this role serve the purpose of uncovering and doubling down on anything that increases the company’s core goals. It’s an important role, so you’d assume growth people have the data tools they need to be successful right?... 😼

“Growth marketing teams often have one of the largest budgets and are a huge driver of revenue within companies, but the tools we use to measure impact and scale those channels are stuck in the past,” explains Tim Dalrymple.

Tim was formerly the Head of Growth Marketing at Notion, and before that worked as the Director of Growth Marketing at Webflow. Today, he and his team (including cofounder Sawyer Kisken who was an early Product hire at Webflow) launched Roadway to solve the problem.

Roadway is an analytics and automation platform built to help growth marketing teams. First, it connects directly to source-of-truth data — Roadway says it meets you where you are, connects to a few basic tables and “map(s) those to our flexible schema so you don’t need to spend days prepping your data to get started.” From there, with the help of AI, Roadway creates a semantic layer for your key metrics and growth levers, so you can self-serve data and insights.

Say you want to pull up a chart of new customers, grouped by traffic source. You just type that in and Roadway will generate it for you. Then, the Growth Marketing Copilot delivers insights and recommends actions to take. These will, of course, depend on your data, but can be things like expanding your keywords and optimizing your bid for an SEM campaign, refreshing the content on a high-opportunity webpage for SEO, or running an A/B test on a certain ad campaign.

Roadway is launching its private beta today. You can join the waitlist, or reach out to the founders here if you’re interested in early access.

Weekly Digest
top launch stories
May 26th, 2024

Arc Search went old school with Call Arc. Picture this: You’re in your kitchen, pick up your phone, and ask Arc Search for an “authentic carbonara recipe.” It plays some hold music before providing a verbal answer and standing by for another question. Read more.

New Microsoft Windows laptops, called Copilot+, will have AI hardware and native AI software features enabling features like "Recall" for a searchable photographic memory on your PC, and the ability to run over 40 different AI models, including GPT-4o. Read more.

Maven is a new social media site that does away with followers. Backed by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and Twitter co-founder Ev Williams, Maven is built around "open-endedness." Instead of following people, you follow interests like cooking or coding. Read more.

Canva redesigned its editing experience and launched Canva Enterprise at Canva Create. Enterprise features include enhanced security, single sign-on, dedicated support, folder customization, and a “suggestion mode” on Google Docs for reviewers to leave edits. Oh, and this happened. Read more.

Ivee, a B2B influencer marketing platform claimed Product of the Week. It lets companies find and evaluate LinkedIn, YouTube, Apple Podcast, and Substack influencers, and reach out for collaborations. Read more.

NocoBase, the top developer tool of the week, is built on the principle that 80% of requirements can be achieved with no-code tools. The 20% that require development can be implemented through the platform's plugins. NocoBase’s core and plug-ins are open source. The platform is also driven by data models, decoupling data and UI.

top launch stories
May 19th, 2024

Voicenotes is a voice app built by the Buy Me a Coffee founder. There’s no login — open the app and hit record. Say you’re going shopping and can’t remember what deodorant you bought two weeks ago. Simply ask your AI to trawl your notes for you.
Read more | Voicenotes

🧑‍💻 Jijo Sunny, Aleesha John

AFFiNE, a Miro meets Notion tool, stands apart for its open-source and local-first approach. What’s under the hood of AFFiNE could potentially offer users the same exact features as Notion or Miro, but with customization and flexibility.
Read more | AFFiNE

🧑‍💻Jiachen He📍Singapore 💰Seed

Snaplet generates realistic seed data using AI to understand your database schema. Snaplet was founded by Peter Pistorius, who was also on the co-founding team of RedwoodJS with former GitHub founder Tom Preston-Werner.
Read more | Snaplet

🧑‍💻 Peter Pistorius📍Berlin 💰Pre-seed

Equals had its biggest release since its initial launch. There are three main parts to the update: a redesigned query experience, even more flexible spreadsheets, and more dashboard features.
Read more | Equals

🧑‍💻 Bobby Pinero, Ben McRedmond 📍SF 💰Series A 🏆GKA 2023 Best in Data

Plenty is a wealth management platform for couples. It's designed to help modern couples discuss, manage, and invest their money together. Plenty was started by a husband-wife duo in fintech (formerly Stripe and Even [acquired]).
Read more | Plenty

🧑‍💻 Emily Luk, Channing Allen 📍SF 💰Seed

OpenAI launched its latest model, GPT-4o. What really stood out was the voice handling. Users can ask the model a question and mid-answer, interrupt it to divert the conversation or correct it. OpenAI stressed how much more human-like this model is by showcasing its emotional reasoning capabilities. Read more | GPT-4o

Google launched a bunch of stuff including its answer to OpenAI's Sora. Veo outshines Sora by generating minute-long, 1080p videos from a single prompt. It can produce various visual styles, like landscape shots and time lapses, and allows for editing existing footage. Read more | Veo

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