Escape around the world with beautiful & immersive ambience

Portal brings you beautiful and immersive ambience from around the world designed to help improve your productivity, sleep and relaxation. Escape from office noise with world-class immersive audio and surround yourself with light using Philips Hue.
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Hi Product Hunters 👋 I'm really excited to share our app, Portal, with you today as we release V2 featuring a shiny new interface, Philips Hue and Siri shortcuts. The app itself was inspired by my honeymoon where my wife and I spent several weeks camping around New Zealand in a tent. It was an amazing experience falling asleep and waking up in the most beautiful and isolated places and we were incredibly inspired by the beauty of the constantly changing environments. When I got home to London the app started as a personal project to try to bring some of this experience home in a way I could use in my daily life, but it soon became obvious that it was something that others would enjoy too and I joined forces with my brother Tim to help launch the app publicly back in February 2019. It's been a pretty crazy year - it was a slow start, but Apple ended up picking the app up for feature in the App Store which has culminated in us being featured as a demo in Apple Retail Stores over the holidays! We've also recently had our first major press, being named as one of the best apps for mindfulness by The Independent. We hope you enjoy the app and would love to hear any thoughts or feedback you have. Cheers, Nick & Tim
The video gave me all the feels @nickdtech! I wish you launch on Android pretty soon. Can't wait to experience it :)
@abeykoshyitty Cheers Abey! We're having to focus on iOS only for now as we're a tiny team but we do hope we'll be able to release on Android eventually.
@nickdtech Yeah, understandable! We're a small team ourselves. I'll surely put the word out to my iOS folks in the meantime! :)
@abeykoshyitty Thanks so much for your support! Yeh it's hard being a small team isn't it - so many things you want to do but just so little time in the day!
@nickdtech Anytime! Haha yeah could do with some extra time or some extra hands.
Congratulations! This is indeed looks a lovely app! I am downloading it atm.
@mariamyusufmy Thanks so much Mariam! Hope you enjoy it and do let us know what you think :)
Beautiful app. By far the best app I’ve used in this category. Absolutely love the Hue integration. Well done!
@tommysilver Cheers Tommy, really appreciate it and so glad to hear the Hue integration's going down well. Lots more still to come on that side of things!
Good one, keep up the great work :)
@mateakofiloska Thanks so much Matea :)