Trigger haptic feedback when tapping Touch Bar

Utility application for MacBook with Touch Bar that triggers a haptic feedback when tapping on Touch Bar. Since Touch Bar is just a flat panel, there are no feedback other than visual change of the key displayed, it is terribly uncomfortable. By adding a haptic feedback, even which is vibrating track pad, it helps to improve the usage of Touch Bar.

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I thought it is a nice idea, tried it - but it doesn't work for me. To get haptic feedback somewhere else (trackpad) then where i have tabbed on make little sense for me. I have to have contact with my other hand to the trackpad to have the experience of a haptic feedback - otherwise it is just an audio feedback because i hear the trackpad doing something. Please don't worry about my criticism - i'm sure other users will have other feeling about it.
@llabball There's no haptic feedback motor in the Touch Bar so this app triggers the touchpad motor — there's no other way to do it, and even the highest vibration setting isn't really enough to make it feel like you're 'clicking' the Touch Bar. It's just a nice proof-of-concept, and that concept is what Apple should do (put a motor under the Touch Bar) 😁
That's actually very smart. I'll try it once I get a MBPTC :) Edit: Not working with the Touchbar simulator for me.
Great job !! 😊
Great idea and thanks for offering for free! That said, it's not working for me. Anyone else running into a problem? Maybe a restart will solve?
Interesting idea it's a bit weird to have the feedback on the mousepad, but it's really nice to have some type of feedback for the touch bar. Also love your symbol. I'm a big fan of the http://hellowynd.com too ;)