Notepad by ClickUp

Capture Ideas and Action Items with Notepad

You can now use one of the most popular features in ClickUp all across the web. 😁

Install the Chrome extension, and the Notepad will be visible in the corner of your browser. 🏄🏼‍

With the Notepad by ClickUp, you can: 👇👇👇

• Take unlimited notes, 100% free

• Connect notes with your ClickUp account

• Hide it on any site where you don’t need it

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14 Reviews5.0/5
ClickUp is awesome to use as you browse across the web. Use it for... • Taking notes on a research project? Use the Notepad Chrome extension. • Shopping for Christmas presents? Use the Notepad Chrome extension. • Comparing prices on the latest gadgets? Use the Notepad Chrome extension. Really easy to use! And it's cool b/c you can connect it to your ClickUp account and all of your notes sync together.

This is the only platform which offers individual clients to have their own individual account while paying for precisely one person. Moreover, they have a supreme customer support with a great care for clients and extremely user-friendly excellent functional set of tools.


The best tool which can be used both by single persons and teams


Can't stop enjoying it

The Chrome Store link is now added!
We've been using ClickUp at our organization for over a year and it has been a fantastic tool in terms of usability and features. This plugin will help us to make all of the actions centralized in ClickUp 👍

<3 the notepad!


great interface, easy to use, helps me keep my work organized