With everything going on in the the world today- what makes you optimistic about the future?

Hannah S Kim
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Masoud Fatemi
I think about: "We're in the same boat" some people are in the upper floors, some down, but still the same boat. So it's my choice to go up or stay down. This helped me to start working on my launch plan on PH instead of following election news (that's not even happening in my country!)
Hannah S Kim
@masoudfatemi Glad your mindset is helping you become more productive! Best of luck with your launch :)
Moritz Wobith
Because the future is in our hands and we can design how it will look like🚀 This is why many of us have become Entrepreneurs to contribute their part to our common future🌎
I think future is becoming worse and worse. Technology impel peoples more lazy, desire. wars, environmental pollution. But no matter what happen, i want to do what i should do. Put my energy on education, medical, etc. Everyone has own destiny.