July 15 Changelog — Pre-launch Dashboard, Shoutouts Updates, Launch Assistant

Pre-launch Dashboard

We have an all new pre-launch dashboard to help manage your scheduled launches. As soon as you schedule your launch, which you should always do, you'll land on the new dashboard. It gives you a centralized place to check the status of your launch, quickly make any changes you need to, and see helpful tips about what to include to have a successful launch! If you have a scheduled launch already, you can quickly find the pre-launch dashboard from My products

You can see a demo of it here:

Shoutouts Update

Shoutouts continue to be an incredible way to see which products and tools are being used by our community. It also gives Makers a way to show off their launches in even more places! When you shout out a product, your launch will actually be shown on that product's hub.

While we previously limited Shoutouts to just 3, the sky is now the limit! We want to hear about every product you've used to bring your idea to life.

Additionally, we now have categories to help you shout out the products you're looking for! And if you don't find what you're looking for, you can always add it yourself.

Launch Assistant

Launching on Product Hunt is now even easier. After submitting the main URL of your product, our new launch assistant will automatically pull in data and pre-fill the title, tagline, links, topics, and even images. You can make any edits you'd like to from there, but it gives you a pawesome starting point!

June 10 Changelog - Newsletter subscriptions, Shoutouts updates

Newsletter Subscriptions

We've released a new landing page that makes it even easier to manage your newsletter subscriptions. And if you're not currently subscribed, be sure to check out all of the different newsletters we have available, like Deeper Learning (what's going on in AI) and Maker Stacks (what apps top makers use, and why).

Shoutouts Updates

When looking at a product hub, Shoutouts show you which top launches use (and love) that product. Now you can sort by Trending, Helpful, or Top. This makes it even easier to see new Shoutouts coming in along with the ones that are resonating with the Product Hunt community. You can also now mark the Shoutouts you find helpful.

Shoutouts also have a new look on launches. We've listened to feedback from makers and released a more minimal and streamlined design.

Shoutouts continue to be an amazing way to see which tools and products the Product Hunt community is using to build. Be sure to check out the Shoutouts Leaderboard to see the most loved ones.

In case you missed it

As a reminder, we recently introduced the ability to include interactive demos from Arcade in your launch. This is a great way to let the Product Hunt community goes hands on with your product's UX.

Take things to the next level and include Shoutouts and an Arcade demo for your next launch!

May 20 Changelog — Shoutouts leaderboard | invite makers via email

Shoutouts leaderboard

As a reminder, on each launch, makers can celebrate products that helped them via a limited number of Shoutouts. Our new Shoutouts Leaderboard is the go-to place to find the top products that makers love. Check out the trending section to see what's gaining traction or drill into some popular categories for something more specific.

Speaking of categories, you'll find Shoutouts on category pages too since they provide a powerful signal on which products are most loved by builders.

Consider spreading the love and adding shoutouts in your next launch.

Add makers to posts via email

It’s now easier than ever to invite your teammates to join your Product Hunt launch as a maker. When creating your next post, provide an email if you can’t remember your co-makers’ Product Hunt usernames. They’ll be added to your launch once they accept your invite and sign up to Product Hunt if they don’t have an account already.

April 24 Changelog — Arcade interactive demos, improved launch editor, Shoutouts

The changelog is back! Expect regular updates going forward. This week we have a couple improvements to our launch submission flow.

Arcade interactive demos

The most successful launches tell a compelling story of the product, including showing what the user interface looks and feels like. Arcade allows you to—in minutes—create a realistic interactive demo that shows off your product's UX.

This adds to our existing storytelling integrations, along with Screenspace (interactive demos) and Loom (videos).

Improved Editor

In the past, the edit flow was significantly different from the initial creation flow. They're one in the same now, and in addition, we fixed lots of minor issues.

In case you missed it

Shoutouts are a way to highlight the products that made your product great. They're quickly becoming one of the most interesting ways to show the craft behind your launch. The companies you shout out will be notified so they can support your launch too. Also, launches with Shoutouts are more likely to be featured on the homepage and in our newsletter. Need inspiration? Here are a few examples.

Additionally, we redesigned our menu bar to be easier to navigate:

Follow us on Twitter/X and subscribe to the newsletter to see future changelogs.


Interactive changelog (using Arcade!)

October 5, 2023 release notes

Video maker updates

Download the mobile app to experience a new way to hear from your favorite makers like @floschirmer at Veed. It’s TikTok meets LinkedIn but without the awkward dance moves. 🕺

For now, it’s in test mode. Tell us what you think! You can submit your own videos here for a chance to be featured.

Community Hang Outs

Over the years, there’s been many opportunities to get together with other Product Hunters in informal settings. We’ve added a couple dates to the calendar this month where we plan to open a Zoom and get to know each other a little more. There’s no presentation - just a conversation amongst builders and product enthusiasts interested in getting to know each other a bit more. There will be the chance to share asks and gives, and put in your contact info into an exclusive database with the people that you meet. Sign up here.

Better alternatives sorting

With the addition of category tags, we were able to improve the sorting logic on alternatives to make them more relevant and reliable. Alternatives show up on the Product Hub sidebar and reviews pages and assist in the research process, helping new products get discovered.

[Launch] by [Product name]

For more context on repeat launches, we shipped a small fix that shows your product name next to your launch title.

September 21, 2023 release notes

Never miss a tech trend

This past year, we’ve expanded our newsletters from our flagship Daily Digest to 4 additional interest-specific newsletters for AI enthusiasts, product and design lovers, internet junkies, and serial makers. If you’ve lost track, we now have a landing page that you can use to recommend your favorite newsletter to your friends or manage your own newsletter subscriptions (also available in your profile settings).

Let’s get together

Subscribe to our new event page on Luma if you’d like to join us for upcoming events. The first few events are posted, and we hope to see you there!

Better Pro Tips

We’ve made a small adjustment to pro tips to make sure we’re highlighting the most helpful insights on Product Hubs. Instead of automatically approving all pro tips, there is now a process in place to check the quality first. Ultimately, we put this process in place to avoid collecting self-promotional or low-quality submissions.

September 7, 2023 release notes

See who’s using what

As another layer of social validation, we’ve added a section to Hubs that shows who is using that product in their tech stack.

How does it work?

  • It’s a preview of the full dataset for now as we gauge if this is helpful additional information
  • The associations are based on web technologies, and won’t necessarily show if a product is used as an internal tool
  • This information is automated for now without a way to manually add products in

It's v1, but let us know what you think!

August 10, 2023 release notes

Never miss a review

Whether it’s praise or constructive feedback, all reviews provide helpful insight into how your customers are experiencing your product. For convenience, we’ve created a Slack integration so each new review sends you a message that you can keep track of in your dedicated workspace channel.

Connect your Hub to Slack

Pros, share your tips

Alongside product reviews, now lives pro tips. As you master new products, drop your tips for the community so they can become pros too. Your tips are just another way to support your favorite makers, help great products get discovered, and guide others to use tools efficiently.

Submit a tip through the main nav or navigate to a Product Hub to get started.

Preview, prevail

To help you feel confident shipping your ad into the world, we’ve added a design preview to the self-service ad form. Your mockup allows you to double-check everything and see your ad as it will appear in the real world. Set yours up here.

Another one for our bootstrapped and solo makers

In addition to adding filters on our leaderboard, we wanted to add another way to bring visibility to the bootstrapped and solo makers building amazing products and competing on a big stage. The update now includes topics to make it easier to scroll and understand what products are for.

July 27, 2023 release notes

Newsletters for all

After some research and a few iterations, we’ve rounded out our full suite of newsletters, brought to you each week by our brilliant content team. Take a look at our interest-based newsletters and subscribe to whatever speaks to you through your settings.

😸 The Daily Digest: The best of Product Hunt, daily. Monday — Friday

🦊 The Weekly Digest: Same fam as the Daily, but spotted less frequently. Mondays

🚀 The Maker’s Newsletter: For the innovators who dare to dream, do, and ship. Every other Thursday

🎨 The Art of Product: TL;DRs on product management and design trends. Fridays

🛸 WeirdWideWeb: Dev tools, no-code, and intriguing internet tales. Wednesdays

🧠 Deeper Learning: AI news, tools, and trends for early adopters. Tuesdays

🔮 Market Masters: All things marketing, sales, community, and growth. Coming soon


Looking for your next steps after your Product Launch? We’ve officially rolled out several different options for makers to continue getting exposure or driving trials of their products through paid promotions. Our redesigned advertising page will walk you through all the options and explain the benefits of each, so you can navigate your best next step. With opportunities to sponsor our newsletters, drive trials of your product through Marketplace, host an event, or utilize display ads, there’s truly something for everyone.

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July 13, 2023 release notes

Categories - what your product is or does

On Tuesday, we announced product Categories, a new way to discover products based on their functionality.

Previously, topics were a way to sort our extensive product catalog, however there isn’t a strong taxonomy that supports the discovery of products based on the problems they solve. Topics will remain on the site and serve as a supplement to categories as another way to filter what you’re looking to find.

If you’re a maker, add a category to your product for additional exposure on these pages. All products tagged with categories will show up, but the best reviews help you rise to the top.

If there’s a category missing that would be useful to many products, let us know.

Stack it. Sort it. Show it off.

Stacking products you use or love is another way to support the makers and customize your Product Hunt experience. Now, your profile recommends products you might use, so you can get stacking. The sort feature allows you to pick which 3 products show up on your hover card.