March 25th, 2022
March 25th, 2022 Release Notes

We’ve been improving the Maker experience to ensure more high quality products are available each day. To do this, we’re providing makers with more tools to help them launch. Additionally, we’re experimenting with different content and features that can help users understand and contribute to Web3.

  • Find all your products and hunts together We’ve renamed the 'My hunts' tab to 'My products'. Now we include both products you’ve made as well as those you’ve hunted. We’d like for this to be a hub for existing and future maker tools.
  • Launch dashboard We created a new way for makers (and hunters) to manage and celebrate their launches on Product Hunt. When your product goes live, visit My products to find the link to your dashboard. From there, you can see how quickly you’re accumulating upvotes, notable upvoters, where upvoters are located, tools to easily respond to unanswered community comments, and more. In the future, we’ll further expand reporting to help makers understand who they’re attracting to their launch and who ultimately engages.
  • Modernizing Product Hunt We’re continuing to make visual and performance updates across Product Hunt. We’ve most recently released updates to our Jobs and this very Changelog.
  • WAGMI We see more and more web3 projects being submitted to Product Hunt. We think the best way to support the community is by making sure we provide ample resources to help people understand what the space is all about, so we created a new feed focused on Web3 products. We’re using this space to include additional filters and signals, like supported blockchains and Twitter followers. Additionally, we’re partnering with more experts to create Web3 content to help our users DYOR (do your own research).This recent article from David Phelps about scarcity was fantastic.

February 28th, 2022
February 28th, 2022 Release Notes

We’re creating more ways for our community to hear from one another, so we’ve made significant changes in this batch, including major updates to reviews and events. Here are recent features we’ve released.

  • Reviews We updated Reviews to help users share information when evaluating products, which in turn supports informed decision-making. A few of the major changes include separating reviews from comments, adding tags, and switching to 5-star ratings ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. We encourage the community to revisit their favorite products and add or update an existing review. We’ll keep an eye on overall scores as the new ratings come in.
  • Modernizing Product Hunt As mentioned in our last update, we’re continuing to make visual and performance updates across Product Hunt. We released updates to Profiles, as well as the About and Founders Club pages. Makers, check it out for some sweet deals 🍬.
  • Topic selection We made it easier for Makers to search and select topics when submitting their product launch. Additionally, we’ve organized topics into groups by category and platform to make it easier to find related topics. Not only will these changes make tagging more accurate, but they’ll also allow users to find niche products more easily.
  • Events Later this week it will be easier to manage and join Product Hunt events around the globe. Stay informed of what’s happening in your region by joining a local chapter. We’d love to see you IRL or online at one of our future meetups.

February 4th, 2022
February 4th, 2022 Release Notes

New year, new team, new features! We are growing fast at Product Hunt (see: Prologue and our job openings), which means we’re going to have a lot more cool stuff for you to play with this year as we expand Product Hunt into THE place to learn about new and established products. Here are some of the most recent features we’ve released.

  • New topics We’ve updated our topics hierarchy to better organize products. Makers will have the ability to choose from new topics when they submit a product (or if they edit an old product). We will make topic browsing and selection easier soon too when we release new display and picker components.
  • Modernizing the site We made big changes to the look and feel last year, but we still want to give a fresh coat of paint (and performance updates) to a few more pages. We’ve released changes to the Founders Club and Terms and Conditions pages, and we will continue with updates to profiles, notifications, jobs, and this very changelog page.
  • You might also like We’ve made it easier to discover related products in the context of what you’re already browsing on the homepage. This update extends the lifespan of a product beyond its launch day. What began as a small experiment received a lot of positive feedback (and data), so we’ve decided to release it to everyone.

  • Search improvements We are upgrading our search algorithm to make it easier to find your favorite products on Product Hunt. Need help finding the perfect tool for the job? We got you! Keep an eye out for even more search capabilities in the near future.
  • Golden Kitty Awards These don’t just happen on their own. Aside from a monumental effort from our community team, the engineering team put in a ton of work to make this event happen. If you weren’t able to check out the live event, you can watch it on YouTube or browse the list of all finalists and winners on the blog.

December 1st, 2021
November 2021 Release Notes

In December, the Product Hunt team shifts gears to focus on planning for next year, our hackathon, and some much-needed rest and relaxation. We hope that you are also able to give yourself a break. Whether that means spending time with friends and family or making space for an interesting side project, you deserve to step away from the normal routine towards something more fun. With the holidays to look forward to as we near 2022, here’s a roundup of features we debuted this week:

Product Hunt is more than the latest products and now our search reflects that. We added search fields to discussions, stories, upcoming products, and your activity to find products that you've upvoted. There's a ton of great content from the community and our team that we have made more accessible, to make finding that blog post or discussion from the community that much easier.

Homepage feed updates

Last month we made pretty significant changes to the homepage design, and this month we updated the content. Now you’ll see the most interesting discussions and stories right in the home feed, so you don't miss a beat. You may also notice some other tweaks, like our Recommended sort and the "You might also like" suggestions, that pop up after you upvote a product from the homefeed.

We're going streaking

Did you notice a new counter on the homepage? 🕵️ Mysterious. Keep coming back and something cool might happen.

Badges? We got them right here

We love the community 😻 Get recognized for your contributions and show them off to your peers. Check out your profile to see your current progress and badges you've earned.

Manage your notifications

We have so much cool stuff we want to share with you, but it might not always be the right time. It is easier to select which notifications you receive from us in your profile settings. (This will go live at the end of the week!)

Golden Kitty Awards are just around the corner!

Nominations will open in January. We're brewing up exciting events, both online and IRL, and we can't wait to share more with you.

October 29th, 2021
October 2021 Release Notes


New product post flow, including a new way to schedule launches

Now it's easier for makers and hunters to post new products. This starts with better documentation for newcomers, as well as a slick new flow that will help both new and veteran users alike. An improved scheduling tool tops it off and helps users maximize the time that their launch lives in the homepage feed. All this should make launching a product faster and easier than it's ever been.

It is more straightforward to manage your email preferences (or just unsubscribe) from the newsletter. This will be rolled out to all emails soon; we have to make a few tweaks to get the rest of this working just right.

Redesigned homepage

We clean up pretty nice. We've been making improvements to our design language across Product Hunt, but we held off on making a big change to the homepage until now. We are proud to introduce a clean new design that will look great across platforms.

Fixed follower notifications

You might have noticed an uptick in notifications from users you follow. It turns out we had a small bug preventing users from getting all their friends' posts. Have fun supporting the folks you follow.

It's a secret 🤫

We've silently released a new feature that we will widely release at the end of the year. See if you can find it. Hint: We're making products more evergreen.

September 30th, 2021
September 2021 Release Notes


We're regularly inspired by makers in our community who build in public and are following their lead. Though we've done this in the past some, it's time to restart sharing our product updates with our users consistently. We want you to see what's going on under the hood and keep you posted on the latest and greatest features. We'd love to hear back from you if there is a change you are particularly excited about (or not).

Updated Alternatives UX

Has one of your tools gone defunct, rogue, or you just want to see what else is out there? We've updated our Alternatives pages to make it easier to find the products other folks are using. Visit a product — there you can explore Alternatives from the sidebar. Eg. I used to love using Hipmunk, but now I need an alternative flight booking app after they were acquired by Concur.

Expanded discussion categories

We've added new categories to Discussions so it's easier to find the topics that interest you. We hope you'll find your tribe amongst the great community here at Product Hunt. Or maybe you just have a funny pic that we all need to see in Catnips 😸

Draft posts

Don't lose your place while submitting a product. Sometimes you just don't have all the assets needed to launch a post yet, so instead of having to re-enter information again later, we'll save your post so you can return to it once you have that perfect product pic.