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Trim and share stories to Instagram from any app

#1 Product of the DayApril 03, 2020
Trim & Share to Instagram Stories directly from any App. Publish stories ×3 faster! Just open any photo or video, tap Share button, find to Stories icon — you all set now! That's right! SO EASY
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Hey Product Hunters 👋 My name is Igor and I'm a designer of to Stories App! Like many others, I love sharing stories on Instagram. I use my iPhone with all amazing capabilities iOS offers. But since 2016 when Instagram just launched Stories experience, I have been struggling with two particular cases and I couldn’t find any explanation to that: 1. As a user I’m not able to share photo or video to IG stories using iOS native share sheet. Instead, I have to open Instagram and create a story, then go down to the camera roll, without fav ♥ icons, without fullscreen and swipes, scroll in the opposite direction and find a photo or video I needed. I bet Android users are laughing right now, cause they don’t have this problem. 2. Instagram has a trimmer for video Posts, but not for Stories. I can’t select and share a particular part of the video. There are only fixed 15 seconds with only first 4 cuts (first minute of the video). 3. Another one. If I have a content in other app (Lightroom, Telegram, Google Photos etc.), I’m not able to share it directly to Stories. I have to go through “Save to Camera Roll” flow, then open the Instagram, create new story and find the saved content. So why does it have to be so painful and long? Eventually we solved all three problems! to Stories App works an extension for iOS native share menu. You don’t even need to open the App, everything works on the go. Both photos or videos could be sent directly to the Instagram. You can select a specific part of video right inside the Share menu. I have no clue of how many people have iOS out of all 1 billion Instagram users (seriously, how many?). Anyway I’ll be happy if our app improves sharing experience for some of you. Same as it already does for me. Let me know your thoughts, question or ideas! Any feedback is really appreciated! Thanks for your support ❤️ Stay safe and healthy! Igor
This is one of the best video explainers I've seen on PH. It's simple and gets to the point. Nice work, team.
@rrhoover thanks Ryan! Nice to hear
@rrhoover @igor_stepahin How did you create the explainer video? We created this and a super simple explainer will help get it out there would help. Thanks
@oliverpitt I just installed After Effects, figured out how it works and did it 🤷‍♂️
You saved my time guys :) Thanks for the app!
love it app!
Oh, great app, thank you, guys! Very helpful for me and my way of stories publishing.