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This is the freakingist cutest promo video I've ever seen!
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Cool ghost, @howietl. Thanks!👻😎 ...I put the YouTube channel on Autoplay during my break and I'm looking forward to watching everything at some point. Your presentation to SXSW 2016 is quite easy to listen to. Do you speak at a lot of conferences?
@kristindrysdale Heh, thank you! To be honest, I don't do very many, and I find it too cringeworthy to watch myself afterwards : p. I'm glad you liked it!
@kristindrysdale This video is directly responsible for converting me.
@kristindrysdale Thanks, from the Sandwich Video team that made the video! 👌
I use this product every day. In particular, I've been using their API so that Airtable becomes a realtime database for some side-projects hosted on Highly recommended!
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@rauchg Thanks for the support Guillermo!
@rauchg would you mind sharing some details about how your integration with Airtable is set up? I'm also exploring some options.
@espinchi @rauchg I did something similar with Hyperdev, but actually considered Zeit Now at the beginning, but unfortunately my 20 deployments ran out too soon:
Hi ProductHunt! And thanks @joshwilliams for hunting us! After many months of hard work from our team, today we're announcing the public release of Airtable V2, which includes a new design, new ways to visualize your content (beyond the grid), and downloadable Mac, Windows, and Android apps. Airtable is not just a spreadsheet replacement, nor just a user-friendly database. We think of it as a completely new medium for expressing and collaborating on structured information. Some examples of what I mean: -How Zapier uses Airtable to automate customer feedback collection: -How the Jacksonville Jaguars uses Airtable to manage their marketing and analytics: -How WeWork uses Airtable to build their community spaces: Over 2 million bases have now been created by Airtable users, and your support has been crucial to our success from day one. We have an exciting roadmap of product improvements ahead, and we're excited to share the journey with you! If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to post here or email me directly at Thanks again! Howie Cofounder & CEO @ Airtable
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@howietl I only miss an automatic sorting of the dataset on opening the views. 😀

EU based companies are prohibited from exporting personal data to overseas-based service providers unless an exception applies. For Airtable, the only one that could apply is the Provacy Shield.


Looks great - I could deploy it tomorrow.


I will never be able to because Airtable is not Privacy Shield compliant and, they tell me, ”have no plans to be”.

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This is pretty awesome. I spent 3 days building a better visualization for my Google Sheets using Awesome Table. I could have done something similar with Airtable in 30 minutes. Maybe Google is watching. Otherwise, they should.
I'm going to reply to myself. This tool is indeed fucking awesome.