Draft by Slite turns your new tabs into a distraction-free editor for your quick notes and ideas—no need to be a Slite user. Notes are automatically saved, even if you close your tab.
When you’re done, send them to your Slite workspace in one click.
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Hi everyone 👋 A few months back during a team retreat, Lead Engineer @calyhre & @arnaudrinquin built a Chrome extension that turns new tabs into a beautiful editor. When we returned from Lisbon, roadmap and product priorities took over and we never got around to officially releasing it.  Since then, a few of us have been using it every day for our quick notes and ideas. Last week, we decided it was about time everyone got to enjoy it too. So, we're very excited to introduce Draft, our Chrome extension. Next time you need to capture thoughts or to-dos, just pop open a new tab—no need to be a Slite user. When you're done, you can share them with your team by saving them your Slite workspace.
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@arnaudrinquin @laure_albouy I'm so happy it's finally out! 🥳 I've been using it constantly while working on it as a pet-project for over a year now. It usually contains my todo list for the day, plus some random thoughts, reminders, and other drafts. Let me know if you have suggestions or comments, I'd love to know how you are using it!
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thanks @calyhre for this extension, it's an even faster way to capture my thoughts!
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@calyhre @arnaudrinquin @laure_albouy Hey, I think it's a great extension! There was one thing I liked less so though. To save a draft I need a Slite account. Which I think is understandable (it's you main product). In any case, I made a short breakdown of walking through your product. Check it out if you're curious about a user test! :) 👇 https://youtu.be/-m-_E9A26Wk
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@calyhre @arnaudrinquin @askjibran wow thanks for this breakdown! super useful :) just in case it wasn't clear: your draft is auto-saved even if you close your tab!
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This is my latest secret productivity hack. Thanks a lot guys for pushing this live. Using it to remind me of my daily todos while browsing or to take quick last minute notes during calls. Super handy!
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@redongjika thank you for being one of our very first users 💜
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Finally someone decided to make such thing! Thank you guys so much!
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@stalevarova glad you like it! :)
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Clean and unintrusive
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