Handwritten cards & premium custom gifts for companies

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I love Gemnote's cards and gifts. They're beautifully curated -- and much more stylish and thoughtful than edible arrangements. ;)
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Hey PH! It's Ashley, founder of Gemnote. Would love to answer any questions you may have about our custom gifts and cards...or perfecting the offline experience in general :)
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Hand written cards, PLUS custom gift choices. I think this is a great combo. Good for a housewarming, birthday, holidays 👏
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@jacqvon Yes, you reminded me! I'm actually going to a July 4th party this weekend. It's a great way to thank friends for hosting....also things that you might see displayed at the next party ;)
Wow, this looks awesome. My days of buying overpriced fruit baskets are over. :D
@jeremyyamaguchi Oh, yes, I hope so. Fruit baskets are quite pricey and they don't last! Thank you for the love, Jeremy!
We at Crowdbooster are happy customers of Gemnote! Sent it to people who have helped us along the way.
@rickyyean Thanks so much, Ricky. We were happy to send those out for you. :)