Poolside FM 2.0

Super-summer music website inspired by a '90s OS

A fairly ridiculous super-summer music website with a '90s Mac inspired interface. Poolside FM streams a continuous flow of upbeat tracks and hilarious VHS visuals.
Follow our Instagram account for a very good time: @poolsidefm :)
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41 Reviews4.9/5
What's up ProductHunt! 🌴 We finally managed to release the new version of our stupid online radio website, Poolside FM. There's a lot of stuff to be sad about in the world at the moment, so we've created a virtual getaway – an healthy dose of serotonin straight to the brain. Hope you live it, around today to answer any Q's with the crew @lewisking @niek_dekker @azizfirat 🎊
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@lewisking @niek_dekker @azizfirat @marty Is it dead? Too many soundcloud requests?
@niek_dekker @azizfirat @marty @thatmattgardner yep, it's dead, we're working on it !
@lewisking @marty This is simply amazing! You made my day. Thank you for bringing this to life. Keep it cool
I'm a sucker for nostalgia. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸŽΆ
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Been a massive user of Poolside FM on the office Sonos, excited to see v2 launch!
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@mutlu82 thank you brother!
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this is the best !
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@graeme_fulton glad you like it Graeme!
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very fun thing made by some very talented people! i love everything about this
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@juanbuis Thanks so much for the kind words!
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@juanbuis thanks friend!
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