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What's the best tool for product roadmaps to manage user feedback, long term items, and quick wins?

Wishlist: 1. up voting 2. public roadmap for users 3. follow-up with users once feature was released 4. group by micro vs macro - bugs, quick wins, big chunks of work, etc. 5. group by 'in design', 'in dev' 6. timeline of past releases We tried: Trello - only columns, no grouping, no voting without user creation, backlog becomes too full and hard to sort Jira - way too complex Github Projects - using it for dev work, don't want to open it up to too much noise Excel/Google sheets - not visual enough, no commenting
Top recommendations
productboard 2.0 The product management tool for makers who care.
Trello Organize anything, together
Aha! The World's #1 Product Roadmap Software