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Snowpark Day
Snowpark Day Use gen AI to build and deploy end-to-end AI apps faster
Superhuman 2.0 Revolutionary AI email. Reimagined for teams
Congrats on the launch @tavishigupta & team! I know there have been tons of AI travel assistance being built but I really like how Tern's approach is as a collaborative travel hub for your plans. It really feels like the evolution of the Google Docs and Notes that friends share with each other. Excited to see the reception and how Tern evolves!
Tempest AI
Artificial IntelligenceGames
I spent more time than I'd like to admit playing this... creating DND campaigns is about to be on another level. Tempest also reminded me a bit of Zork, the terminal/command line game, but without the limitations of key words needed. This is like the evolution text/word-based RPGs needed.
Archie, AI Product Architect Design and plan software applications in minutes with AI
This is honestly brilliant. I love the simplicity of the builder. Now we can use this + upload the code to a GitHub and pair it with a Cloudflare page for essentially have a site at 0 cost. Well done!
Guidde Magically create free video documentation with AI
WorkOS The modern identity platform for B2B SaaS
AuthKit The world's best login box, powered by WorkOS + Radix
Golden Kitty
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