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[ChangeLog] November 2021 Release NotesIn December, the Product Hunt team shifts gears to focus on planning for next year, our hackathon, and some much-needed rest and relaxation. We hope that you are also able to give yourself a break. Whether that means spending time with friends and family or making space for an interesting side project, you deserve to step away from the normal routine towards something more fun. With the holidays to look forward to as we near 2022, here’s a roundup of features we debuted this week. - More ways to search. Product Hunt is more than the latest products and now our search reflects that. We added search fields to discussions, stories, upcoming products, and your activity to find products that you've upvoted. There's a ton of great content from the community and our team that we have made more accessible, to make finding that blog post or discussion from the community that much easier. - Homepage feed updates. Last month we made pretty significant changes to the homepage design, and this month we updated the content. Now you’ll see the most interesting discussions and stories right in the home feed, so you don't miss a beat. You may also notice some other tweaks, like our Recommended sort and the "You might also like" suggestions, that pop up after you upvote a product from the homefeed. - We're going streaking. Did you notice a new counter on the homepage? 🕵️ Mysterious. Keep coming back and something cool might happen. - Badges? We got them right here. We love our community 😻 . Get recognized for your contributions and show them off to your peers. Check out your profile to see your current progress and badges you've earned. - Manage your notifications. We have so much cool stuff we want to share with you, but it might not always be the right time. It is easier to select which notifications you receive from us in your profile settings. (This will go live at the end of the week!) Heads up. Golden Kitty Awards are just around the corner! Nominations open in December and the voting and awards happen in January. We're brewing up exciting events, both online and IRL, and we can't wait to share more with you.
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