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Snowpark Day
Snowpark Day β€” Use gen AI to build and deploy end-to-end AI apps faster
Guidde β€” Magically create free video documentation with AI
Luggage Losers
lol, I love this. Combine this with Boeing Be Gone and we have almost all the airline tools we need.
Loved StoryChief and had it part of my tech stack for a while, recently have been using SurferSEO but... this might cause me to switch back. Congrats on the launch @valeripotchekailov!
Room Scanner
Archie, AI Product Architect β€” Design and plan software applications in minutes with AI
Rajiv Ayyangar
This could be The One - the open source model that closes the gap with the top closed models like GPT-4o / Claude-3.5. It's a "curves-crossing" moment reminiscent of how the Intel vs. ARM approaches played out, and perhaps with similar profound effects on the landscape. If you're in SF, join us tonight for a meetup and 405B panel including founders of Vercel and JuliusAI: https://lu.ma/4es9bfgs Also, one-time only: Launch your product TODAY using Llama-3 405b and we'll feature it (this won't prevent you from launching in the near future). Plus the top launches will be eligible to demo tonight after the panel. In private conversations with launch partners, Meta has emphasized 405B's reasoning capability and multilingual abilities. This would seem to have big implications for interfaces, especially voice interfaces. Are people finding the model lives up to this, practically? Som more thoughts from a friend, @kwindla (Daily.co), who is a launch partner for 405B: "1. 405B beats GPT-4o on 11 of 13 widely used benchmarks. And Meta/Fair has a history of being careful about these benchmarks, so they almost certainly went to a lot of effort to not let training data leak into test, etc. No open source model has previously come close to GPT-4o/Claude-3.5. It’s a huge, huge deal if this is accurate and reflects the quality of β€œreasoning” the model can do. 2. The two smaller 3.1 models (70B and 8B) also made big leaps in benchmark performance. That indicates that Meta’s strategy for training/distilling is working. Having models that are small enough to run on single devices (or, on LPUs, very very very fast and inexpensively) that are this good may be equivalent to leap-frogging GPT-4o-mini. This also gives people the opportunity to experiment with fine-tuning really good models and with doing architecture/merge experiments. 3. Big models have a different β€œtone/vibe” than small models. 3-70B was a pretty good model in a lot of ways, but as a conversational agent it just didn’t feel as good qualitatively as GPT-4o and Claude-3.5. That feel really matters in things like consumer-facing voice chat use cases. If 405B is approximately as good as the proprietary models on benchmarks, *and* matches their β€œvibe” for the first time, that’s truly exciting for a whole range of next-generation conversational/interactive use cases."
WorkOS β€” The modern identity platform for B2B SaaS
Developer Tools
Glasp: Easily Save and Highlight Images
Congrats on the launch, @kei_watanabe! I like this approach to capturing internet information - often times things like Pocket 7.0 just get left unread for me or I have trouble finding the one tidbit or image. I can totally see this become a super good resource for students or learners of something that's relatively new that only the Internet has covered. Also super curious to learn more about you and your co-founders story! The tidbit you shared is insane.
AuthKit β€” The world's best login box, powered by WorkOS + Radix
Developer Tools
Superhuman 2.0 β€” Revolutionary AI email. Reimagined for teams
Golden Kitty
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