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Ben HowdleSoftware Engineering consultant

Should I abandon a functioning SaaS with no paying users?

I'm the creator of Ekko - | - "Create your business website in seconds, using your Facebook page". Me: I'm a full-time software consultant (, Ekko was intended as a side-project to generate passive income, not to be a fully fledged startup from day 1. My aim was/is to make it incredibly simple for small businesses to create and keep their business website online and updated. The user connects their Facebook Page to my service, picks a theme and their new site is online. Every time they update their FB Page, the website (on my service) is instantly updated. This part is free, as you have a subdomain URL. To add a custom domain, it's a monthly fee. I launched the SaaS in early 2017 and spent 3 months promoting/pushing it out to my networks online. This led to a lot of positive feedback, but almost zero paying customers (in fact, only 1 person ever paid, then subsequently cancelled their subscription due to budgetary reasons). Since then, I've occasionally tweeted about it, and gone through various phases of motivation to properly push/advertise/market it, but that side of it feels completely unnatural to me, I'm far more happier sitting behind the screen, building the product. It gathers 1-2 sign ups a week, but zero conversions. My specific question is, what the heck do I do with it? In my opinion, it is my most complete piece of software that I've released. Everything works nicely, payment integrations with Stripe and GoCardless, domains through DNSimple, themes are just a set of React Components, so they'd be easy for people to build. It seems a real shame for it to be sat online, doing very little. I really don't want to abandon/take it down, because I spent a lot of time building it. Should I try and sell it? Should I just give up? Am I missing something blatantly obvious? If anyone's got any advice, broad/specific/big/small, I'm all ears. If you want to drop me an email, I'm at
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