Seamless screen, mic, and camera recording for Chrome

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Hey Product Hunt! Great to be back on here. Big ups to @erictwillis for hunting us πŸ™Œ Openvid is a the easiest way for anyone to quickly record your screen, mic, and (optionally!) front-facing camera on any URL. Want to easily QA your new mock ups? Give feedback to a friend on their site? Create a quick tutorial for your product? Openvid let’s you do that for free without having to worry about video storage, upload time, or recording time limits. YUUGE shout out to the rest of the team behind this @yoyo_thomas & @vhmth ⚑
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@_shahedk @yoyo_thomas @vhmth Congrats on the launch! I'm a huge fan of the product and can't wait to see what use cases new users come up with!
@bryan_weis @danielsing3r thank you gents! πŸ™
@bryan_weis @_shahedk @yoyo_thomas thanks Bryan! Let me know if you have any feature requests you'd like to see make it out. You have my info. :-)
This looks legit. I've previously used the TechSmith Snagit extension to record screencasts; but this looks a lot better. Minimalistic, but with the functionality that I need. the ability to record a video and then quickly get a link to share it is really important here. With some other solutions I have to mess around uploading the video to my youtube account and wait for it to process etc.
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@vhmth thanks for the video Vinay, very thoughtful. - You guys have already shipped more cool stuff with limited resources than many startups with millions $ in funding, so I'm excited to see how this continues to evolve.
@_jacksmith @vhmth also a big TechSmith Snagit user. Def gonna test this out. Do you know any good seamless tools to record system audio + standard audio for calls? I've actually used Snagit for this as well and even gone through the headaches of Soundflower...
@nwkwan Hi Nick - thanks for using Snagit! In the latest couple versions of Snagit for Mac recording system audio is pretty seamless. No more dependency on Soundflower. We just released Snagit 4 last week, if you want to check it out. https://www.techsmith.com/snagit...
@fosteronomo @nwkwan looks cool Daniel! Let me know how that works for you Nick. Interested to hear your thoughts. That being said, we'll be working on doing full desktop recording since that is by far our most requested feature at this point. Keep up the good work Daniel - you and your team have built a great product.
How's it going Product Hunt? I'm extremely excited to have you guys testing out what the Opentest team has been building for the past several months! If you guys have any technical or product issues, I will be up (and highly caffeinated) to help you out! Either comment here or reach me directly via Twitter (@vhmth) or email (vinay@opentest.co). If any fellow enginerds have technical questions - I'm here to answer them as well!
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@vhmth @opentest Hi Vinay, I really love the simplicity of using Openvid and it's minimalist design. Is there a way to stop audio from recording though? There's a video on/off button but none for audio that I can seem to find.
@vhmth @opentest Ooh I like this video response style! :) Specifically at my work, we share internal testing videos between the QA and dev teams. Right now it involves using Jing to capture screen recordings and sharing it through Slack, etc. Since most of these recordings are in the work environment with an open space layout, it's generally preferable to make the recordings with no audio. This leads me to another request. It would be great if sharing the Openvid URLs in Slack would allow inline video playback. That's one of the biggest annoyances with Jing (even though it's just one click to open the share links in a browser window :) )
@nilayk @opentest I really love using our tool to add emotional context to support answers. :-) It's made this launch 100x easier! Proper Facebook OG tags are high on our priority list. I personally want Slack inline videos to work as well since our team practically lives on Slack. You will have your way soon Nilay!
@vhmth @opentest Sounds like a good idea, I too shall try to add emotional contexts to support videos whenever possible. Best of luck with the next phases of development and congratulations on the product launch!
How can I delete my videos?
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@leovbranco I would also like to know how to delete the videos.
@dorian_kersch @leovbranco Hey there! Great question. The ability to delete/archive videos is high up on our list of features we'll be rolling out shortly. Expect it to be live real soon!
@_shahedk @dorian_kersch @leovbranco That's the winning #Lean mindset in action! Nice work team!
Awesome project! I've been looking for something like this for quite a long time. The use case I wanted it for is short demos of pull requests - eg. walk the other engineers through the feature that this PR covers. One additional thing that would also be great is export to gif... because gifs!!!
@vesln awesome use case! Created a quick response video. :-) https://www.opentest.co/share/76...
@vhmth haha awesome response! re gifs - yeah totally makes sense. this tool makes recording so easy that i just want to (obviously) use it for everything i need haha.
@vhmth gifs within certain size are inlined in slack, so great for reporting bugs etc, that's the use case
@vesln dude awesome! I'm happy that it's useful for you. Honestly, this tool aligns closely with a belief that I have that people should give more value than they take. So saying that has completely made my day.