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Take calls from wherever you want without being embarrassed for the crying baby noise or airport noise in the background.

Krisp works with any conferencing app and with headset .

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Hi ProductHunt, I'm the CEO&Co-Founder of, the maker of Krisp app. @ozgrozer could you please list me and @artavazd_minasyan as Makers? This has been an accidental launch for us and caught us by surprise. We are very excited with it though! Krisp is using Deep Learning to separate background noise from human voice in real time. This is the first deployment of DNN based noise cancellation in laptops. And I must say the quality is quite amazing. Currently the App is only available on Mac. Windows version will come very soon. You can use Krisp with any Conferencing app and headset of your choice. Please download it, start using and share your feedback here. We will be happy to answer all your questions.
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@artavazd_minasyan @davit_baghdasaryan Wow, it`s a great idea! I definitely gonna use it!
@davit_baghdasaryan Is there any compression or degradation of sound quality with this? I'm wondering if it could be any use as a filter when recording vocals for music e.g. for small time musicians recording at home, limiting the need for soundproofing.. or for podcasters.
@joshuafry Krisp is designed to filter out everything that is not human voice. So it might not work that well for recording music.
@davit_baghdasaryan Having a "non-human voice filter" is defo very helpful. My other pain when using VoIP is the echo on meeting rooms. Is Krisp able to reduce the room echo/reverb?

What it does is a magic. It has two modes. The first one does noise cancellation of your speech those sending only your voice to the recipients and does it really really well. The second mode does the opposite. I'm using it for about a week on daily basis.


The best noise cancelling tool out there


Only available on mac OS

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Initial testing using Slack in a busy office gave fantastic results. Killer app idea.. and good use of AI to boot
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@jvosloo Thanks for the feedback :)
This is the coolest thing I've seen in a while. Love it!
Are you planning to create iOS or Android app?
@anuragmehra iOS and Android won't come soon as it's not possible to register a virtual microphone/speaker under mobile OS architecture.
@anuragmehra @davit_baghdasaryan Does this mean that you would need tighter OS/Vendor integrations. So like a Samsung can put you at OS level.
@anuragmehra @vachi1 correct, either tighter integration with OEM or App vendor. Or perhaps our own App. We will see.
@vachi1 @davit_baghdasaryan: An app like this for phones would be amazing though.