Breathing exercise for you to relax during this rough time

In Portuguese means calmness, tranquility. It’s often used by seamen and surfers to indicate that there are no waves in the ocean. That mood perfectly translates to what this app intends to do, bring peace of mind and tranquility to your busy day to day life.
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I like how clean the UI is! Nicely done @abduzeedo!
I wish the numbers counted down rather than up so you don't stress over how long you're supposed to inhale, exhale, hold.
@bsradcliffe The android app does that. I am still working on the PWA, hopefully this weekend I can finish these details.
@bsradcliffe just fixed that, check it out 🤟
it works well on the web end - love it!
@jun_gong thanks! The web is still in progress. Let me know when (not if) you find any bugs :)
@abduzeedo Will do! Also, looking forward to the iOS version!
Had a issue with the web app, the numbers were jumping all over the place and also your main website,, is down
@jrdntnnr I'm really sorry about that, the domain just expired and I renewed. You can also check out About the numbers, is that the android or web? Would you mind sending me a screenshot at Thanks so much!
@abduzeedo Hey thanks, really loved the work on your site. Couldn't get the issue to reproduce, was on Chrome Android.
This app would help me to deal with anger
@boinae It helps me with anxiety :)