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get it is an Editorial Software for B2B Content Marketing and Editorial teams who want to collaborate better on rich articles and want to seed multi-channel in seconds.

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  • IvanFounder of Icons8

    Idea; editor is far superior to the WordPress one


    I've submitted couple bugs, but they fixed them

    Initially I thought about StoryChief as an automation tool; it's like Buffer, but for articles.

    After used it for a while (since May), I figured out it's also great as

    1) a planning tool

    2) a way to deal less with the WordPress. Somehow I like WordPress, but hate their admin area.

    Ivan has used this product for one month.
  • Kasper VancoppenolleFreelance Growth Marketeer

    Great team, solves real pain for content marketeers, amazing UI, free pricing tier, ambassadors feature, freelancer matchmaking


    Could use some more integrations with CMS platforms

    I've tried Storychief a couple of times, and I constantly see the product evolving. The team is doing a great job, solving some real pains for anyone in content marketing or editorial teams.

    Kasper Vancoppenolle has used this product for one year.


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Valeri PotchekailovMakerPro@valeripotchekailov · I design stuff. Founder @
Hello Product Hunt community, finally we are here! My name is Valeri - a graphic designer from Ghent, Belgium. After running a successful branding agency with my co-founder (engineer) Gregory, a third co-founder (developer) Brik joined our team. We three—the Hustler, the Hacker, and the Hipster—started building our own Content Marketing SaaS. Our team has grown a bit along the way and it’s taken two years of hard work to be with our product where it is now. Our product,, is an Editorial Software for B2B Content Marketing and Editorial teams who want to: 🤝 collaborate better on rich articles 🌱 seed them multichannel in seconds 🔥 measure their impact Our software is a direct result of us talking to more than 1500 local leads and customers—mainly in Belgium and the Netherlands. These conversations drove us to experiment and continuously improve our software, starting from scratch on some parts, and redefining our pricing model about 10 times. And we’re psyched to share our story here and become an active part of the Product Hunt community! WE WOULD LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK! Some of our cooler features (because we personally love them all) allows you to: 💪 Optimize copy for SEO 👥 Trigger Ambassadors to re-share content 👩‍💻 Send out press releases to your journalist friends 🚀 Plan content in the Content Calendar Please sign up for a free account and start throwing your thoughts right at us, both good and bad. We are here to answer your questions all day long. 💥 There’s also a special offer inside the app. And finally, to thank you all, we’ve created a to get you started with your content marketing! 💥 Cheers Valeri
Shreyaa Ratra@shreyaa_ratra · Making B2B sales easy via
@valeripotchekailov Looks great Valeri. Few thoughts if you plan to scale outbound sales : a) Reach out to SaaS companies who have recently raised funding. These companies will do lot of content marketing and reaching out to them as soon as they have raised funds will give you first movers advantage. b) Reach out to companies who are hiring for content writer. If a company is hiring for content writer, it means it has money and is willing to spend money on content writing. Hence, it makes sense to reach out to companies.
Valeri PotchekailovMakerPro@valeripotchekailov · I design stuff. Founder @
@shreyaa_ratra Thanks! This target audience is exactly the one we are working with.
Shreyaa Ratra@shreyaa_ratra · Making B2B sales easy via
@valeripotchekailov If you need any help in identifying such companies, LMK. Would be happy to help :)
Valeri PotchekailovMakerPro@valeripotchekailov · I design stuff. Founder @
@shreyaa_ratra Thank you!
Alexander Bouckaert@alexander_bouckaert · Content Manager
Content is king, but distribution is queen and she wears the pants. And I’m speaking from experience, because content writing and distribution is our daily core business. Being an all-in publishing tool, the most valuable asset of Storychief is its usability and the fact that the developers use design thinking as their problem solving approach, really focussing on the users' needs and wishes. (Alexander Bouckaert, Content Manager
Valeri PotchekailovMakerPro@valeripotchekailov · I design stuff. Founder @
@alexander_bouckaert Thank you Alexander! Much appreciated, love to work with you guys.
Gregory ClaeyssensMaker@gregory_claeyssens · co-founder, Story Chief
Hi guys, We received a great question a couple of hours ago (via chat) I thought I would share here. It might be relevant to some of you. The question came from Technical SEO expert: “When I connect both WordPress and Medium, will the post on Medium be automatically ‘canonical’ to the Wordpress url?” Great question. Duplicate content and ranking on search engines is a concern for everyone. We’ve actually addressed this in an article, which I’ll link here: TLDR: If you publish your article to multiple CMS systems, then all you have to choose your ‘primary channel.’ Story Chief will take care of the canonical url for you automatically. All your social links and email previews will also lead to that primary channel. If anyone has additional questions then please ask away!
Paul McKeeverPro@paulmckeever · CEO @ Continually
Congrats on the launch! I just signed up for the app. How does this compare to other services like AirStory?
Valeri PotchekailovMakerPro@valeripotchekailov · I design stuff. Founder @
@paulmckeever Thanks Paul! Great to hear that! Story Chief is all about making sure your articles are read more! We just want the creatives to focus on the quality of their content instead of thinking about tech stuff. When you've finished with your draft and got your article approved by your team members you can put it on multiple platforms without any copy-pasting or coding and with one click: To your website,, Facebook, Twitter, LN, Facebook Instant Articles, Google AMP articles, Send it to your press contacts (with offline assets), Ask ambassadors to reshare it in their own social media networks, let it be included in your Email digests, and all these without thinking of technical setup (layout is defined by your output channel, canonicals urls are setup, utm tags are in there, etc..) Hope this answers your questions, we are here to answer any further questions!
Krishna De@krishnade · Social business & live video strategist
Looks like a terrific platform - I've just registered to check it out as a potential solution for my clients and delegates on my workshops. I am afraid I have to ask - what about GDPR compliance if your platform also connects to ambassadors and the press?
Brik De MaeyerMaker@brik_dm · co-founder
@krishnade Thank you! Really appreciate your feedback. About GDPR, we have a double opt-in and an opt-out mechanism in place, and the lists of ambassadors and press are actually managed by you (the user). There is also data-regression in place that anonymizes and deletes personal data after 3 months of inactivity. There will be a full GDPR checklist in place inside our app very soon.
Krishna De@krishnade · Social business & live video strategist
@brik_dm Thanks for confirming - you know I had to ask!!
Brik De MaeyerMaker@brik_dm · co-founder
@krishnade and it's an important one, thanks!