One Switch

All your mac toggles in one place

#4 Product of the DayMarch 29, 2019
One Switch is a little menubar app for macOS, it keeps all your powerful switches in one place.
1. Hide Desktop Icons
2. Dark Mode
3. Keep Awake
4. Screen Saver
5. AirPods Connect
6. DND
7. Night Shift
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7 Reviews3.0/5
This is really cool! Can you add your own switches?
@aaronoleary custom switches is a great idea
@aaronoleary Of course! Add/write your custom switches is in our road map!
I NEED this!!! Can I just add a bunch of functions to the 'one toggle'? So I can use the one toggle to perform my top 5 fave updates? Very cool idea guys, will definitely dive into this later today.
@alok_ahuja Sure for that, we actually have 'Custom Mode' on our roadmap. Stay tuned for next bunch of updates.
Been testing this for couple of weeks. Works great and really love the over all design. Turned on full time and never had a crash πŸ‘ I'm sure the custom switches will be in road map. Looking forward to see what is next.
Custom switches, I beg of you! πŸ™Œ By the way, the top section of the website disappears on Safari after about a second the footer link to the press kit says "Presss Kit".
@alexanderspoor It's on our roadmap. Thank you for catch a grammar bug, we'll fix it soon~
If you guys want to test there is one free and open source version of that Β»
@hugo_pizaia Got Javascript errors on opening it - then it froze my MacOS. Needs some work.