Super fast color schemes generator for cool designers

Coolors is a super fast color schemes generator for designers. Create, save and share perfect palettes in seconds!

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I was the original developer of and I highly approve this!
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@kidbombay talk about a stamp of approval
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@sethmills21 I love how it takes the thought process out of creating themes. Color themes and relationships can be very complex but this just turns it into a game. Almost like a slot machine for harmony.
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@sethmills21 @kidbombay "slot machine for harmony" this could be the actual slogan.
Very easy and beautiful way to create a color palette.
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@erictwillis Neat find Eric, I believe the colors are being pulled from I used to submit color schemes there myself!
@erictwillis previously on product hunt by @twholman & @claudioguglieri .. also has fonts added. it is fun because it makes it a random on the go experience
@k_roushdy @erictwillis @twholman @claudioguglieri Hey Karim. I'm the one who hunted Palettab :)
Oh wew, this is crazy close to our original design (perhaps we're not that unique after all) ... awesome job! We kind of to want to make something a little more installable, for people who don't really use that new for anything, rather than a go-to for when you're looking for nice palettes. Awesome to see similar lines of thinking, with two different products :D
@raj_ventures Yeah. @colourlovers created this app along with @_fbrz. I invited them over to the discussion but I they never made it over today :(
Amazingly thoughtful experience - it mixes what humans do best (judging candidates and setting subjective constraints) with with machines do best (generating candidates in a large search space).
Is it wrong to use this to create a wedding colour scheme?
Thanks guys! I'm glad that you're enjoying Coolors! @erictwillis Coolors is not a Colourlovers project, I only pull color schemes from that website. ;) @twholman great job with Palettab!
@_fbrz BRAVO! what is your favorite color swatch? Are you more into the pastels, cool colors, or more earthy? I think I like the lightweight pastel feel! @sharefloapp