Realtime spreadsheet-database hybrid


From the maker

Howie Liu
@howietl · Cofounder, CEO @ Airtable
@reubenpressman Coming soon. Basically you will be able to configure a view that is a chart (or a calendar, map, etc) instead of just a grid of data, and you'd be able to specify filters and group by statements. We may also integrate with 3rd party charting providers (ie Thoughts? Feel free to drop me a line at howie @ if you want to discuss further!


ashton kutcher
@aplusk · founder Sound Ventures, Aplus
Congrats! Great product.
Howie Liu
@howietl · Cofounder, CEO @ Airtable
@ssnacks, hey, I'm one of the cofounders of Airtable. Thanks for checking us out! You can: 1) Import a CSV (new app/table => import) 2) Directly copy and paste data from Excel/Google Spreadsheets/Numbers into a table.
Holy shit! This looks powerful. Way tooooo much happens in Excel still. Instantly reminded me of what Quip did to my MS Word usage.
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@jasoncrawford - if this isn't on your radar already, check it out.
Steven Sinofsky
@stevesi · a16z
Very exciting to see!
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