Clipboard time machine

#4 Product of the DayAugust 06, 2019
Remember everything you copy to your clipboard. Pasta is a designer-friendly clipboard manager that is fast and easy to use.
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8 Reviews5.0/5
👋Hey Product Hunt! 😡Problem As a designer, coder and productivity nerd I was dissatisfied with how clipboard managers handled graphics and styled text and how hard it was to find clippings. 🤘Solution Pasta displays graphics and styled text unchanged, can filter clippings by app or type, search, sort into collections, and much more. Hope you enjoy Pasta 🍝. Feedback is welcome!
@wessley Awesome and lovely thumbnail ❤️
@syswarren Thank you 🥰
@wessley I just bought it and I love it :) However please could you consider to add sync feature through Dropbox or Google Drive or similar... hope you will think of it... even as a backup more than a storage...
Love the name 🍝
Upvoted for name and icon alone. Very useful tool to boot
What about iOS version? It’s bit similar to “Paste” clipboard manager 🤔
@nekitperes iOS version is definitely on my to do list 😊
Any plans for an IOS version?