Product Hunt Daily Digest
December 21st, 2020

The robots won 😲
More Robots please
Since its launch in July, we’ve seen a flood of products leveraging GPT-3, OpenAI's experimental new AI program. While we don’t think these products will ever replace human writers (I still have a job, right?), tools that leverage GPT-3, can polish existing copy, provide recommendations, and even generate fresh ideas.

Here are 10 products that leverage or advocate for GPT-3:

1. Copysmith: - generate product descriptions, ad variants, taglines, landing pages, and blog posts with GPT-3.

2. Activechat Bot Trainer: - build and train natural language bots with GPT-3.

3. Magic Email: - summarize and generate emails using GPT-3 in one click.

4. GPT-3 Tailwind CSS: - an OpenAI powered GPT-3 code generator.

5. GPT-3 Crush: - a curated list of GPT-3 demos.

6. GPT-3 Job Description Rewriter: - add a creative flare by rewriting general job descriptions.

7. GPT-3 Blog Idea Generator: - prevent writer’s block by coming up with unique content ideas.

8. GPT-3 Books: - get book recommendations based on your mood.

9. Helphub: - allow teams to use AI to write support articles.

10. Magic Flow: - create landing pages, Google and Facebook ads, and product descriptions in seconds with GPT-3.

And although we're pretty sure content writers aren't out of a job yet (we are in fact looking to hire a real-life human to lead content at Product Hunt) in a battle of human versus the machine ran by VWO in August, the results are in and.... the AI won. 😲
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