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December 17th, 2020

Hate filing expense reports?

Todays' newsletter was crafted by us and sponsored by our friends at Ramp.

Travel and Expense spending is down 87% since the start of 2020. But companies are still paying for pricey travel expense software.

Earlier this week, Ramp launched Ramp Reimbursements. It's a free and easy-to-use spend-management software.

Since first launching on Product Hunt in February, Ramp has quietly become the fastest growing spend management platform in America. 🤯

On top of reimbursements, it:

💸 Identifies and cuts wasteful spend ($100k/yr on avg)
♾️ Automates accounting, saving companies 5.4 days/mo
💵 Gives 1.5% Cashback and $175k in partner offers
🤑 Predicts future spend and includes control through Slack
✅ Is run by engineers and former founders

With Ramp you can replace your corporate card or time-consuming expense management tool and put the savings back into your company.

“Most companies in Silicon Valley are quite wasteful with their spending, however, without access to the corporate card, it is difficult to enact change. The Ramp team has the perfect DNA to create the card that smart CFOs use, as opposed to creating a card whose main value proposition is its points and cafe menu.” – Keith Rabois, Founders Fund

Some early reactions from the Product Hunt community:

"Having visibility is very valuable to keep understanding our burn rate and identifying wasteful spend. Ramp is amazing!" - Deepak

"Would you rather get 1% or so of cashback with Amex or 5%+ with Ramp? Easy decision." - Nick

"It’s a big deal for us to be able to fully move off Tallie and consolidate everything. Our month-end close is so much more smooth." - Alex

As a thank you to the Product Hunt community, for the next 72 hours, Ramp is exclusively offering a $500 welcome bonus.

Get my exclusive offer

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