Product Hunt Daily Digest
December 16th, 2020

Too late to Bitcoin?

Yesterday, Bitcoin broke above $20,000 taking its gains to date “to more than 180%.” So... is it too late to get into Bitcoin? We turned to our most trusted financial advisors: our Twitter community. Here are their thoughts:

“Nope it’s never too late to get into Bitcoin.” - Prince

“I feel like Bitcoin is too complicated for the average person.” - Heidi

It's a bit dead but [...] there's always a downhill cycle so wait for it to come down.”Maëva

Bitcoin isn’t the only buzz. Cryptocurrency has gained quite a bit of media presence in the past few weeks, with companies like Facebook, PayPal, and American Express expanding their offerings. While Kitty Coin is still in the works (joking...kind of), here are some products that can help you navigate or enhance your cryptocurrency experiments:

Amber - claims to be “bitcoin on autopilot” to provide accessible and intelligent investing.

Wrabbit - real time forecasts and AI-supported analytics for more than 150 crypto markets.

CoinLobster - shows stats from the leading futures markets (liquidations, recent large trades, funding rates and more).

Sovryn - a decentralized application allowing users to trade Bitcoin on Layer 2.

Chainwire - a crypto focused newswire and for broadcasting cryptocurrency and blockchain news.

NOBI - a bank-like services to grow crypto, for new and advanced traders.

Argent - crypto's first one tap app to earn and invest.

Get me some coin

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