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Dear Santa...I want tech
Dear Santa...I want tech

The holidays are fast approaching and there are so many things to celebrate: Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Festivus, or just feeling #blessed to get through 2020.

We asked our team members and the community what’s on their wish lists this holiday season. With so many things launched this year, it's hard to pick. Here’s what the Product Hunt team chose:

👾 Emily & Jake’s pick: Wireless VR headset by Oculus Quest 2.

🎮 Aaron’s pick: Intense gaming with PS5.

🍵 Dan’s pick: Temperature-Controlled Ceramic Mug by Ember.

🎶 Gabe’s pick: Live music performances at home with Oda.

🥊 Chantelle’s pick: Fitness gaming with Quell.

🚰 Jacq’s pick: A self-cleaning water bottle called LARQ.

Make sure to check your list twice this weekend as shipping cut-off dates loom. If you're still stumped, here are a couple of other ideas for gifting (or treating yourself):

Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch - the OG handheld system is back.

Raspberry Pi 400 - a portable keyboard with a complete built-in computer.

Google Nest Audio - all new smart speakers from Google.

Apple Watch SE - the new, more affordable watch from Apple.

Sleepbuds 2 by Bose - headphones that are optimized for sleeping.

Gift a Business with Shopify in their Exchange Marketplace.

Petcube Cam - is a smart camera for your pet with a built-in vet chat.

Have an item in mind that didn’t make the list? Let community members know in the discussion board. 👇


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