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OG Myspace is back 👥

As the OG of social media, Myspace elicits nostalgia for that simpler time on the internet when Myspace Tom was everyones first virtual friend. If you’re keen to relive the memories, 18-year old An created SpaceHey.

SpaceHey is a fully functional Myspace-like site where users can have fun, meet friends, or be creative. From its blue and white exterior, to the “I built this using HTML” vibes, SpaceHey feels like a living time capsule.

Now, if you’re doing the math, 18-year old An did not have a Myspace account when he was 3.

“I found a couple of other websites from that era of the internet and I really love the feeling of the Web back then. There is no comparable place to Myspace online nowadays, so that's why I built SpaceHey!” - An, Maker.

2020 has been A YEAR, and sometimes it’s nice to kick back and have some fun with a little nostalgia. We caught major feels with this one, and we were't the only ones. Here are some community reactions from An's launch day post:

“This certainly brings back lots of memories, thank you for building it!” - Steven

“All tears here thinking back to how beautiful the internet was back in the early 2000s.” - Simon

“I feel emotional when I look at this site. It was the first community I joined back then.” - Fajar

If this product took you on a trip down memory lane, make sure to check out Retro Widget and Retro Widget 2 which blasts users back to the 2000s using their iPhone and Apple Watch. Snake 2 anyone?

I miss Myspace

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