Temperature-Controlled Ceramic Mug by Ember

Winner of Time Magazine's Best Inventions of 2017

#2 Product of the DayNovember 18, 2017

Beautifully designed to be used in your home or at your desk, the Ember Ceramic Mug keeps your beverages at the perfect temperature from the first sip to the last drop.

Enhance the flavor of your coffee or tea by choosing the temperature that tastes best to you.

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2 Reviews5.0/5
END lukewarm coffee! I'd love one but $79.99 is pricey for a mug.
@rrhoover When it's the Apple of Mugs...Towering prices are just expected.
Wow, great job on getting that deal in place!
I completely recommend this. One of the best purchases I’ve done this year, getting this kind of everyday comfort for under $100 is amazing. I bought one last week. I can say it is really great, completely worth it. Is not the mug you buy, is the problem it solves. Having your coffee hot with the right taste and with the perfect temperature for you is just amazing. If the coffee is too hot right after you pour it, you don’t need to worry anymore. Your perfect temperature is customizable with the app and you will even get a push notification when that temperature is reached. You will never burn your mouth or lips again. I don’t have any links with Ember, I’m just a very happy customer :)
At 12oz and 10oz respectively, the travel mug and ceramic cup are too small to be useful for me. I suppose I could keep my hot cocoa in a large thermos and then transfer it to the ceramic mug when I am ready to drink another cup, but I don't really want to deal with transferring hot cocoa from one vessel to another and the mess that makes. The travel mug is simply too small, period. When I'm traveling, I don't have the ability to fill up the mug from a larger thermos once the mug is empty. I'd begin viewing the travel mug as useful once it reaches a 24oz capacity.
Is the charging system proprietary?