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November 13th, 2018

30 products from the under 30s

“Setting aside the rest of the week to go through the 9000 people on this year's Forbes 30 Under 30” — Hunter Walk

Forbes released its annual “30 Under 30” list yesterday, highlighting 600 youngin's who promise to be the next generation of leaders. With such an exhaustive number of people featured, it takes a lot out of what makes the coveted list actually special — young people changing the world. 🌍

Watching people (at any age) make cool new things is something that inspires us — and is one of the reasons we're hosting our own Makers Festival next week.

But to give you some inspiration before the hackathon, we combed Forbes's list for the coolest products made by the people on it. Here are 30 of them:

Cargo wants to turn ride-sharing vehicles into vending machines. 🚘

Cabin is a luxury sleeper bus service from San Francisco to Los Angeles. 😴

Omni lets you store, share and rent out your unused belongings. 📦

Drop is an app that rewards you for spending at your favorite places. 💸

Genies was dubbed a “Bitmoji killer.” The app lets you create personalizable avatars that react to the news, and the startup has raised funding from top VCs at a ~$100M valuation. 👀

Grabr works as a marketplace for people unwilling to pay international shipping rates. ✈️

Cafe X is a robotic coffee bar. It's exactly what it sounds like. ☕️

Recharge lets you pay per-minute to use a hotel room to rest. 🏨

Plotaverse is a suite of five motion photo editing apps that has over 6 million downloads (and is used by people like Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande). 📸

Tia is basically a personal gynecologist in an app. 🙌

Unfold helps you create gorgeoussss stories for Instagram and the startup is seeing 100K downloads/day with millions of users. 📱

Life House launched on Product Hunt earlier this month with a mission to upgrade boutique hotels for the Airbnb generation. 🏩

Pathrise is a “career accelerator” for students that will coach you until you get a job. 👩‍💻

InkBox is a semi-permanent tattoo startup for tats that last 12-15 days. 🤔

Agrilyst helps indoor farmers manage their crops. 🌾

Lattice was created to make employees' working hours more efficient. ⏰

ScopeAI helps companies sort through customer feedback using AI. 🗣

Mars Reel is a sports video highlight reel for high school sports. 🏀

Brex has branded itself as “the first corporate credit card for startups.” 💳

Rainway is a web service that lets you play your favorite PC games on any device. 💻

Ader connects brands with gaming influencers. The network has over 2,000 content creators to date. 🎮

Betches Media started as a Wordpress blog and is now a full-fledged multimedia company geared towards millennial women. 💁‍♀️

Superhuman (as the name implies) is one of the fastest email systems out there. 💌

Morning Brew is a daily email newsletter that delivers bite-sized business news. 🗞

Teachable lets you sell individualized online courses (and get 💰).

Purple is a chat app that lets creators (like journalists) engage with audiences via text message. 💬

Candid, a direct-to-consumer startup for clear aligners, was built as an alternative to Invisalign (and costs 65 percent less). 😁

Atrium created a low-cost legal option for startups (and Justin Kan is a cofounder). 💵

Felix Gray is for all of us: non-prescription glasses for people who stare at screens. 🤓

HelloAva is an AI-powered personal skincare consultant. 😍

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