Digital clones that react to the news in real-time

Genies is an app that creates personalizable look-alike and expressive emojis that react to relevant daily happenings in real-time - ranging from breaking news (politics, sports, pop culture) to cultural holidays.

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Hey it's Matt here, one of the founders of Genies. We're so excited to be announcing this and have been waiting over a year for this day. This is really just the start of what we're doing with the genies app... our team literally has dozens of features that we're itching to test with users. Please fire away with any questions you may have about our product, our team, our story, etc
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@geigercounting I think you have some explaining to do with regards to the reviews on the App Store. Most of them claim the app is called "Blend" and also they seem fake.
@graysonadams Hi Grayson - Sorry to hear that the reviews ruffled your feathers! Our team has launched multiple apps and you're seeing some legacy reviews from our last product called Blend. For faster approval time, we released an "update" (with 100% new code) versus a brand new app. Within 24 hours, you'll begin to see relevant reviews :)
@graysonadams @geigercounting but why are all your reviews years old? if you guys have multiple apps, you have multiple apps under one developer. here it looks like you replaced an old app with an entirely unrelated new one. is that some funky new ASO strategy i haven't heard of?
@graysonadams @geigercounting @sergefaguet Leveraging off existing reviews I think would promote more visibility. On the flip side the reviews are a bit confusing as it is a complete replacement. Overall I love the design. Downloading! Thanks!
@geigercounting I wish I could get through this approval process and see for myself if I shake the "this is so shady" feeling I've been having about it..
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@bulleitandcoke Not ideal but we'll be able to get that down in future updates. However when you download the app, you'll understand why. This is closer to a game than anything
@bulleitandcoke @geigercounting I was going to download but EIGHT HUNDRED AND SEVENTY TWO MEGABYTES!!๐Ÿ– how greedy of you guys! I could only have 50 apps on my phone if everybody was like you. Massive turn down.
@bulleitandcoke i've been downloading it for about 5 minutes. by the time it's done i'm not sure if i'll still have interest lol
@bulleitandcoke I was literally shocked.
@bulleitandcoke i was wondering why it took so long to download
At first glance Genies looks like yet another avatar creation app (although less creepy than MyIdol) but it has a lot of smart things beneath the surface. Most notably, your genie (similar to a bitmoji) reacts to the news in real-time, personalized and shareable. Genies might be a preview of the future of media. At least, this is probably what their investors (including NEA, Foundation Capital, CAA, Trinity Ventures, Lerer Hippeau, and Maveron) are hoping for.
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Why do I need approval to use something you posted on here?!? Not sure how this is positioned as a Bitmoji competitor when I need community approval... @geigercounting for real though, why have a producthunt launch that just gets people to sign up and not use it? Kind of wastes the opportunity here, no?
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@allnick We've been overwhelmed with the # of sign ups and are doing our best to work through the backlog. Sorry to keep you waiting!
Taking bets on under/over 90 days before facebook buys them to compete with Snapchat's Bitmojis. Do I hear 80 days!?
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