Natural ink-based tattoos that last 12-15 days

Inkbox is the ink mania solution, get tons of tattoos, change them every few weeks and get the feeling you have a real tattoo! The organic ink soaks into your epidermis, which is the very top of your skin, it is painless and it goes away in 8 to 18 days that is your natural skin renewal period. Try it out and have fun with your skin accessories.

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Just in time for April Fools!
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Thanks for sharing us Ali. We’ve learned about so many amazing products here over the past year, and it’s truly helped us build our company. As a thank you, we commissioned a tattoo just for you Hunters. Check it out. Oh and it’s also 40% off..all of the designs with discount code: producthunt I’ll be here all day to answer any questions or just chat :) Cheers, Tyler
@tyler_handley Thanks for the code! Emailing you guys later today about placing a wholesale order.
@itskunalsheth We'll make sure to throw in a bunch of goodies :)
@tyler_handley Should have discount star on this listing then! 40% is awesome deal.
@dshan Thanks! We have to feature the deal on your homepage to receive a gold star, but we're saving this deal solely for hunters. 40% off is alot after-all 😜
@tyler_handley Ah yes, indeed. How are you handling procurement? Outsourced or shipping by hand?
I've seen these tattoos in person and they really do look real
I couldn't believe how long they looked great. Coming on day 10 with no significant fading!
Mike Tyson is going to wish this was invented a few years ago.
@lordtylerward But it saved me from my face tattoo appointment next weekend! :)