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David and I are both nerdy, curious people and still found it a pain to keep up with deluge of content/news, actually understand what it means, and why it matters. That was scary to us for the future of democracy, it should not be this difficult! We built Purple to create a better informed electorate by making it effortless to stay informed, starting with this year's election 🇺🇸. Purple will send you bite-sized updates on the election that allow you to dig as deep into an issue as you want. We chose Messenger because we think this should be a conversation, so you can always message us your thoughts/questions and we (real humans!) will answer. We want to empower our users to form their own informed opinions, and we welcome users from across the ideological spectrum. That's what "Purple" is all about! Purple is an invite-only experience, but for today we are hooking you up Product Hunters. Click the link above and you'll get a secret password that'll give you exclusive early access for today only 😃 Can't wait to see y'all on Purple!
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Purple via SMS is dead. @rebeccajharris is switching to Messenger! I'd love to learn more about what she's learned about delivering an interactive #ConvComm service over SMS, and what motivated the shift to Messenger, and how she hopes to take advantage of the platform. I've been a very big Purple fan from way back — and I'm very excited for this new chapter for their useful and effective brand of insightful, interactive journalism!
Congrats on the launch @rebebeccajharris and @david_heimann!
@bthdonohue Thank you! So excited to be on Messenger 🔥
I gotta give props to the community that's been built around Purple. I hosted a live chat on it and was amazed at the quality of questions and the general tone of all of it. The topic (third party candidates) can and does devolve quickly into a battle of who can ask the smartest question, or shaming, or some other unproductive tone. It never happened on Purple. Even though I was the "expert," participating in the chat, I both strengthened my own stances on things and also received good things to look into more. Genuinely curious community that wants to broaden their understanding. :thumbsup:
Seriously love how intuitive and simple -- but informative it is! Congrats @rebeccajharris and @david_heimann