Felix Gray Computer Glasses

Non-prescription glasses for people who stare at screens.

#2 Product of the DayOctober 21, 2016

Are you engaged to your computer, tablet, phone or books? And do you often feel eye strain, headache and blurred vision? If yes, then you should consider getting some of these Felix Gray Computer Glasses. They have an anti-glare coating, blue light filter and magnification to help your eye muscles.

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I stare at screens all day long. The fatigue is real - and as a designer - maintaining healthy eyes is very important to me (it should be to everyone). I recently got my pair of Felix Grays and so far I really like them. There are similar products out there focused on gamers (I'm not a gamer) - but I really liked the style of these. I've never had to wear glasses before in my life, but if I'm going to start wearing them now, I want them to be comfortable and not make me look dorkier than I already do.
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@_tyoung Trevor, you just explained the origin of Felix Gray perfectly! We were analysts who felt our eyes were getting too burned out for being in our mid-20's and wanted a quality solution that was a little less game-y and a little more office-appropriate! Of course, we're out here for all our gamer friends as well :)
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Love this team, love this product.
@caylentinc FG loves Caylent. Keep keeping those eyes happy and dev ops simplified :)
Is there any scientific basis for the claims made about these lenses?
@joshpuetz @felixgrays any science ehind the product?
I've had these ~5 months and love them. As someone who takes an interest in fashion and style, these look great and help my eye fatigue.
@alexbarneshere Glad you're diggin em, Alex!
I've used these for about two months now and refuse to work without them. A truly noticeable difference in my productivity and effectiveness, strong endorsement from me
@tom_jaklitsch Hey Tom, this is great to hear! So happy they help make your day in front of the screen a little more comfortable :) Hearing things like this makes us smile ear to ear... Thanks so much for the support!