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Non-prescription glasses for people who stare at screens.

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#2 Product of the DayOctober 21, 2016

Are you engaged to your computer, tablet, phone or books? And do you often feel eye strain, headache and blurred vision? If yes, then you should consider getting some of these Felix Gray Computer Glasses. They have an anti-glare coating, blue light filter and magnification to help your eye muscles.

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Trevor YoungHunter@_tyoung · Product Designer @ Digit
I stare at screens all day long. The fatigue is real - and as a designer - maintaining healthy eyes is very important to me (it should be to everyone). I recently got my pair of Felix Grays and so far I really like them. There are similar products out there focused on gamers (I'm not a gamer) - but I really liked the style of these. I've never had to wear glasses before in my life, but if I'm going to start wearing them now, I want them to be comfortable and not make me look dorkier than I already do.
Chris Benedict@felixgrays · Co-Founder and CMO @ Felix Gray
@_tyoung Trevor, you just explained the origin of Felix Gray perfectly! We were analysts who felt our eyes were getting too burned out for being in our mid-20's and wanted a quality solution that was a little less game-y and a little more office-appropriate! Of course, we're out here for all our gamer friends as well :)
Caylent@caylentinc · Caylent Official PH
Love this team, love this product.
Chris Benedict@felixgrays · Co-Founder and CMO @ Felix Gray
@caylentinc FG loves Caylent. Keep keeping those eyes happy and dev ops simplified :)
Alex Barnes@alexbarneshere · Strategy & BD, Knotel
I've had these ~5 months and love them. As someone who takes an interest in fashion and style, these look great and help my eye fatigue.
Chris Benedict@felixgrays · Co-Founder and CMO @ Felix Gray
@alexbarneshere Glad you're diggin em, Alex!
Tom Jaklitsch@tom_jaklitsch · Co-Founder and CTO, Negotiatus
I've used these for about two months now and refuse to work without them. A truly noticeable difference in my productivity and effectiveness, strong endorsement from me
Chris Benedict@felixgrays · Co-Founder and CMO @ Felix Gray
@tom_jaklitsch Hey Tom, this is great to hear! So happy they help make your day in front of the screen a little more comfortable :) Hearing things like this makes us smile ear to ear... Thanks so much for the support!
Evan Knight@evannite · UX Designer @Google
Is this like a physical version of using F.lux? https://justgetflux.com/
Chris Benedict@felixgrays · Co-Founder and CMO @ Felix Gray
@evannite Hey Evan, kind of! f.lux is a great product for warming the temperature of your screen, but because it is a software solution, it does not fundamentally alter the diodes of LED screens, so there is high energy light still emitted. Also, it does nothing for glare, which is a major component of eyestrain. When testing these glasses with professionals at companies like Spotify, LinkedIn, Barclays and Google, we met a ton of folks who also used software solutions, but still use Felix Grays because of the reasons mentioned above for the ultimate comfort. Also, f.lux is great for developers that work in a terminal all day, but if you're a designer or constantly work with the web, changing the entire color of your screen is not ideal. Here's a little piece Forbes did on software solutions, Nightshift in this case: http://www.forbes.com/sites/gord...
Chris Benedict@felixgrays · Co-Founder and CMO @ Felix Gray
@evannite Woohoo! Glad they're helping, Sam! Back when we were analysts before starting FG, we were also skeptical of solutions... Until we started researching, testing different products and lens types, etc. Once we realized this is a real thing (the gaming industry adopted this a while ago) we knew we had to create a modern, fashionable design for all the folks out there staring at their computer all day, just like us! Thanks so much for the support :)
Raitis@makerraitis · Maker at makerraitis.com
@evannite came here wondering about the same, thanks. Getting curious about the glasses now!