Felix Gray Computer Glasses

Non-prescription glasses for people who stare at screens.



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Trevor Young — Designer
I stare at screens all day long. The fatigue is real - and as a designer - maintaining healthy eyes is very important to me (it should be to everyone). I recently got my pair of Felix Grays and so far I really like them. There are similar products out there focused on gamers (I'm not a gamer) - but I really liked the style of these. I've never had to wear glasses before in my life, but if I'm going to start wearing them now, I want them to be comfortable and not make me look dorkier than I already do.
Chris Benedict — Co-Founder and CMO @ Felix Gray
@_tyoung Trevor, you just explained the origin of Felix Gray perfectly! We were analysts who felt our eyes were getting too burned out for being in our mid-20's and wanted a quality solution that was a little less game-y and a little more office-appropriate! Of course, we're out here for all our gamer friends as well :)
Caylent — CEO & Co-Founder @ Caylent
Love this team, love this product.
Chris Benedict — Co-Founder and CMO @ Felix Gray
@caylentinc FG loves Caylent. Keep keeping those eyes happy and dev ops simplified :)
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