The luxury moving hotel between SF & LA 🚌

Experience the dreamiest way to travel between SF & LA.

Cabin is the first end-to-end hospitality transportation company on a mission to make the most of every waking and sleeping moment. One part luxury sleepover and one part epic road trip, Cabin’s one-of-a-kind moving hotel transports people to the places they love most.

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this seems great. but why's it so expensive? you can get a flight for cheaper than that
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@_jacksmith Last minute flights are often more and this is cheaper than a flight + hotel for a night. If they can sell out at this price-point they can start focusing on adding efficiencies to lower the price or add more variable pricing (cheaper ahead, more exp last minute) or cheaper to buy a return.
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@_jacksmith I'm pretty stingy when it comes to cost, but this one actually makes a lot of sense. I travel between LA and SF often enough for those pesky'ish 1-2 day work trips. It's always odd, because you're 2 choices are to basically wake up at some ungodly hour so you can day trip it in the morning and make it in by work start, or go in the night before, get an extra hotel night, and stay a 1/2 day longer because of it. This is actually kinda perfect. For about the same cost (actually prob. cheaper on average depending on when you book plane flights), you get to catch up on sleep, not have to wake up crazy early just to spend 3-4 hrs going to the airport, TSA, waiting, boarding, flying, unboarding, ubering, delays, etc. It's closer to the "leave the night before and stay a night" solution, but without the hassle of airports, and it's actually way cheaper because for the cost of 1 cheap plane flight, you also get a nights stay too. My only gripe is that there's literally no days available. I have to go up to SF in a couple weeks, was hoping to book 2 beds!
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@_jacksmith It does save you from having to get a hotel for one of the nights, though.
@_jacksmith Have to agree, the pricing is ludacris. In Europe you get overnight busses or trains for a tenth of the price (e.g. Copenhagen - Oslo starting from 20€, or Munich - Berlin starting from 11€). Sure, these buses don‘t have these nice cabins because we got road safety laws that prohibit that, but I never had a problem sleeping in buses since they have more legroom than planes.
@_jacksmith @benguild when in LA Wi Spa for hotel hack - 24 hours of spa for $35.
Very interesting. Some people have flagged in this thread the expense. At ~$230 roundtrip from SF to LA, it's nearly double the cost of a flight if you book early enough (I fly to LA often — actually flying Southwest later today). While this might be better for day trips where one doesn't need to book a hotel, I struggle to see many people choosing this option over flying in its current form. Key phrase: in its current form. I'd love to learn more about what Cabin might look like in 5 years, @tom_currier. I'll be following along. 😊
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@tom_currier @rrhoover If the trajectory proves correct, Cabin in 5 years could be a self-driving bus that never needs to stop and runs continuously, and all for half the price. (here's hoping)
@rrhoover @wuss In terms of the opportunity, Europeans take 7.5B regional trips by rail each year. Americans- through Amtrak- take 31M (240x less). This is because most European cities are designed to be walkable and have good public transit, but almost all American cities require a car for mobility. This means that five years ago if you were going from LA > SF, you would have needed your car to get around San Francisco. Uber/Lyft just changed that and are providing a viable alternative to car ownership in 234 US cities. What’s needed now is a legitimate transportation system that connects all US cities like Europe. We believe the answer is to build an autonomous over the road train network using large format self-driving vehicles with active suspension. Short term while the top speed of US highways is 65mph, Cabin is going to focus on 200-500 mile trips. Long term when the speed limit increases to 180mph with autonomous, we’re going to extend this range to 1,500 miles. (Future Vehicle) (5 Year Route Map)
@wuss Similar to Tesla and Uber, we're starting at the top end of the market (think UberBlack & the Tesla Roadster) and are going to offer lower price options as the size of the vehicle increases. Right now the largest vehicle you can buy is the Vanhool TD925- this is because the bus industry has trouble filling an 81 seat bus. But Cabin is using the space very differently (24 passengers) and will likely use a double decker articulating design to maximize the number of sleep cabins upstairs and the size of the lounge downstairs.
@wuss wasn't there a horror movie about a bus that never stopped? 🤔
Very cool, wanna try if you guys have route from Toronto to New York.
Cabin launched today, formally known as SleepBus. It has been awesome to see the SleepBus team turn what was a short test run last summer into a full-formed sleeper service with great branding and execution in terms of the bus design. I love that there's no cancellation fee with 48 hours notice and no added fees. I expect this will be very popular.
Like the one from 5th element :)