The world's most advanced system for serving artisanal coffee, tea, and more. Utilizing an industrial robot arm with a quirky personality, Cafe X's Robotic Coffee Bars are capable of consistently producing up to three drinks in 40 seconds. With the mobile app, guests can order ahead and pick up their drink within seconds.

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13 Reviews5.0/5

We got to try out Cafe X when it first started up and came to see the robots but really enjoyed the coffee so have been back a ton of times.


Good coffee, easy to use, app makes it fast, love the robots


Small shops so you can't sit there

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Good, fast, cheap, and serves Oatly.


Can't make a matcha without sugar.

Appreciate your feedback! Would you prefer a plain matcha (no milk, just water)? We're constantly refining our menu.
It should be noted that they have only 3 locations, all in San Francisco. So if you are outside the Bay Area the app won't do you any good. Unless you don't mind ordering a coffee for someone else to drink. :)
@thehashrocket That sounds like a fun feature to include in the app :-) Or if they have an API, somebody else can build a “Let Me Buy You a Coffee” app.
@kaigradert Yeah, it should be pretty easy. i think it'd be kind of cool. Starbucks doesn't really have anything like that either.
@kaigradert @thehashrocket Neat idea. Currently, we have gift cards and referral codes, but you're right that it'd be cool to buy someone a coffee from the app itself.
Very great tasting coffee when I tried it.
Coffee Lovers say Yeah! :)