At-home clear aligners costing 65% less than Invisalign

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Candid Co. is a breakthrough in at-home Orthodontic care, offering Invisalign-quality aligners for 65% less cost. Often referred to as the “Warby Parker of Orthodontics,” their clear aligners are Orthodontist-directed, done from the comfort of your home, and straightens teeth within an average of 6 months. Use code: PRODUCTHUNT for 25% off

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  • Pros: 

    high quality and customer service



    After comparing all the products out there that promise to starighten teeth, I decided on Candid and I have no regrets. Their customer service is unparallele, I feel like I come first and all my questions are answered. A big plus for me was the fact that they give me all my aligners at once so that I don't miss any time due to my traveling. Love their product and the fact that it feels to me like higher quality than the other products out there, they have put more effort to make their product cool.

  • Pros: 

    Customer service, aesthetic, price, process, ease of use



    This company is the real deal. They've come into the market and are doing everything smarter, better, faster. Their customer service and user experience is unoaralleled

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Jared EronduHunter@erondu · Lattice, Playbook, HighResolution
Hey friends! Candid Co. was co-founded by @ghoshal and his team out in New York City. If you’ve been wanting to straighten your teeth but haven’t had the time or money to do so, you aren’t alone. Traditional orthodontics are unaffordable and extremely inconvenient for most people. Candid is bringing the Orthodontist to you with their at-home clear aligners. You get all the benefits of a great experience by straightening your teeth at home under the care of a licensed, and specialized orthodontist, without the hassle and cost of going into a doctor’s office every month. The way it works is you first purchase the Modeling Kit for $95 (but 50% off for the PH community!). You make models of your teeth and send it back to Candid’s labs with pre-paid shipping. Their Orthodontists will then design a treatment for you and use digital 3D models to show you your new teeth. You'll then have the option to purchase your aligners for as low as $88/month. They mail you all your aligners and free teeth whitening products to your home. They'll also mail you a free set of retainers! I highly recommend!! Use code: PRODUCTHUNT and get 50% off their Modeling Kit Leave your questions and comments below for them. Thanks, folks!
Aneta@aneta21 · Creative Director•ASL Specialist/Poet
@erondu thank you!! I just now ordered me one! I so can't wait!
Bobby GhoshalMakerHiring@ghoshal · Designer and Entrepreneur
@aneta21 👌🏼❤️🙌🏼 thank you and welcome to the candid community!
Spencer MakerHiring@spencer11
@erondu @aneta21 Aneta: terrific! please don't hesitate to get in touch with Bobby, myself, or anyone else on the team if you have questions
Spencer MakerHiring@spencer11
@ghoshal @erondu Thanks Jared, flattered and honored to have been hunted by you!
Jake Wayne@jakehwayne · Co-Founder of Companion
How do you guys compare to something like SmileDirectClub ( Saw them mentioned in the article on here and recently I see many store fronts popping up in New York, I know when they started out they were just on the web.
Moe Amaya@moeamaya · Designer—Developer
@jakehwayne I'm also curious about the comparison to SmileDirect as my girlfriend has been seriously considering getting aligners, and pointed out the SDC to me.
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I once had braces but admittedly, I don't know much about the space. This concept seems so obvious. Why hasn't it been done before, @ghoshal?
Jonathan Moyal@jonathanmoyal · Founder, Dowza
@rrhoover my understanding is the patent on invisalign expired last year. Hence the new batch of companies tackling the space.
Bobby GhoshalMakerHiring@ghoshal · Designer and Entrepreneur
@rrhoover @jonathanmoyal expires this year, yep
Bobby GhoshalMakerHiring@ghoshal · Designer and Entrepreneur
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! A lot of market forces at play here, patents expiring, technical feasibility is finally at a head, direct-to-consumer is now a known entity and people have learned to trust it for the past 4-5 years, a boat load of demand without affordable supply, and a few other things. That's why the timing of this right now makes a lot of sense.
Marc Atiyeh@marc_atiyeh · CSO at Clarity Money
50% Off for this amazing product? Sign me up!!! Great Hunt Jared, been waiting for some disruption in the Dental space for some time
Bobby GhoshalMakerHiring@ghoshal · Designer and Entrepreneur
@marc_atiyeh Excited to bring you into the Candid community Marc!
Spencer MakerHiring@spencer11
@marc_atiyeh @ghoshal Marc: the dental space has seen little innovation since Pierre Fauchard invented braces in 1728. clear aligners remain hugely under-penetrated. we have a lot of work to do.
Josiah Austin Gulden@jgulden · designer | prototyper | simplifier
Nice hunt @erondu! Such a rad approach to what seems to be perceived as a thoroughly unsexy problem. Great to see these types of medical(ish) products that have always been subject to huge clinical markup — first glasses and genetic tests, now hearing aids and orthodontics — get disintermediated and made more accessible to everyone, with great design and customer experience to boot. Couple questions for @ghoshal: - This seems like a business with a pretty high barrier to entry. How did you go about getting the lay of the land in the industry once you decided to tackle the problem? Who did you reach out to first? How did they help you close your knowledge gap and get up to speed? - What kind of regulatory oversight is Candid subject to, and how have you found the experience of navigating that to be? Any eye-opening learnings in that regard you can share with the PH community? Cheers on the launch... looking forward to ordering my kit!
Bobby GhoshalMakerHiring@ghoshal · Designer and Entrepreneur
@erondu @jgulden It is definitely a high barrier to entry. We've done a ton of upfront work curating a strong network of orthodontists and suppliers. All treatment is prescribed by licensed orthodontists and the typical regulatory oversight is applied to the orthos here. Also Orthos that prescribe your treatment have to have jurisdiction to practice within your state. We have country-wide coverage so you're going to be all set there. As for how we closed knowledge gap, we have a strong network of advisors and investors with deep experience in the space, we've spent the better part of this year just learning the market opportunity, the business, and finding opportunities to elevate the experience to give customers the best service possible.
Spencer MakerHiring@spencer11
@erondu @ghoshal 'rad approach to an unsexy problem' - couldn't have said it better myself. Thanks @jgulden