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#5 Product of the DayMarch 02, 2018

Pathrise is a career accelerator for students and new grads. Basically, we do everything in our power to help you land your dream job and do it all for free until you get hired.

This means: resume review, project development, lead generation, exclusive referrals, outreach tactics, technical practice, interview preparation, insider information, industry mentorship, negotiation advice, and unlimited, ad hoc, last minute anything to help you succeed.


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    The program is well organized and fits personally to fellow's needs and skills. They strengthen weaknesses and help connect with companies.


    None so far

    I have been in this fellowship for a little over a month, and the results have been great so far. The insights they've offered into improving my technical interviews have been fantastic, and they have really upped my game as far as being a good candidate for tech companies. They have helped highlight strengths I didn't know I had, and give great personal attention to each candidate. I have had several last minute meetings before interviews or with other tasks and they are always ready to help.

    Miguel Tolosa has used this product for one month.


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Kevin WuMaker@kevin_wu3 · Founder @ Pathrise (YC W18)
Hey everyone, thanks for checking out our program! We're young professionals ourselves so we really believe in the impact we can have here. If you'd like to find out more about our mission, you can read more in our manifesto :) ( Feel free to share any feedback you might have about Pathrise, and happy to answer any questions as well!
D'Andre Ealy@dreunlimited · Founder of One Month Skill
@kevin_wu3 Just applied! Would love to connect with you.
Kevin WuMaker@kevin_wu3 · Founder @ Pathrise (YC W18)
Hi! Thanks for applying @dreunlimited. We read over every app as soon as we can, and I'll make sure to reach out after.
Philip Lakin@philip_gregory · National Agent Ops Specialist @ Compass
Hi @Kevin_wu3 I’m a huge fan of this concept and would love to participate as an advisor. Please let me know if you are currently seeking to expand on that front. Congrats on the launch!
Kevin WuMaker@kevin_wu3 · Founder @ Pathrise (YC W18)
@philip_gregory Appreciate that you value mentorship and giving back! I'll definitely reach out when we are looking.
Philip Lakin@philip_gregory · National Agent Ops Specialist @ Compass
@kevin_wu3 sounds good to me! :)
Lama Al Rajih@lamaalrajih · CMO, The Tardigrade Group
Seeing a lot of startups recently (Lambda School, etc.) that have been focusing more and more on college students and workforce. This looks great! @kevin_wu3 @derrick_mar
Kevin WuMaker@kevin_wu3 · Founder @ Pathrise (YC W18)
@derrick_mar @lamaalrajih We actually know the Lambda School guys pretty well! We love what they're doing and hope to be able to accomplish equally great things for our students @austenallred @sunjieming honestly an inspiration
Jay Patel@jpatel · Co-founder at Wildfire
Congratulations @kevin_wu3 and @derrick_mar on the launch! It's exciting to see a personalized, data driven approach to career services. Would be curious to hear some insights or stories of things that have been helpful for past Pathrise students?
Kevin WuMaker@kevin_wu3 · Founder @ Pathrise (YC W18)
@jpatel Happy to share! One of our modules that has the most positive feedback from fellows is the 'Prospecting & Outreach' module. Some context - some of our fellows come in exasperated that they've filled out hundreds of online applications to no avail. They barely get responses and they have no idea why. While we help them fix a lot of problems with their profile and resume first, one of the hands-down most impactful things we do is teach each fellow how to reach the human behind the job listing. There's really a systematic way to find the right person to target, figure out their email, and then write a concise and compelling message to them. Students trip up in many ways when they first start, they use spammy or generic language, they don't get who they should contact and why, they don't have the savvy to take the set of tools we give them and draw out a lead...but by the end of the module they're pros. We take fellows who have never sent a cold email in their life, and turn 'em into the types of hustlers that land an opportunity to pitch Steve Wozniak through a cold call...or you know, something like that. The best fellows go from < 5% response rate per application to nearly 40%...It's way beyond what I initially expected. There's something truly amazing about seeing that 'hustle' develop with the fellows we mentor!
Elizabeth Lin@lalizlabeth · Design at Khan Academy
This is great!
Kevin WuMaker@kevin_wu3 · Founder @ Pathrise (YC W18)
@lalizlabeth Haha thanks Liz :)