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Your personal, private, digital women's health assistant

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Wow, this is a really well done chat-driven health app! Love the brand, style, and voice. The interaction is pretty good too (though has a few minor rough spots) — very fast and to the point. Perfect day to launch too! #WonderWoman
Hey @chrismessina, thanks for the feedback! We're workin' on the known wonkiness but stoked to hear you dig Tia's sassy personality ;) We believe the chatbot UX coupled with Tia's distinct voice and tone creates a new interaction model for care optimized for privacy and personalization. To reimagining #womenshealth!
The founder's passion comes through in the product. Great mix of serious and trusted, yet fun & accessible
Thanks @seth_rosenberg ! Trust is everything in this space. As we say at Tia, compassion is as, if not more important, than the information itself!
So fun. I love this. Killer brand/aesthetics and the voice is awesome — my favorite bot to date <3
@gidgejane so stoked you dig the tia brand! We like to call her a "sass-bot" 😍
Yaaaaaaaaaaas! Much needed product and voice in the women's health space.
This is the best onboarding I’ve ever seen! Congrats to the entire team! All the best!