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Hello Product Hunt, Daria here, Co-Founder and CEO of Grabr. I am an avid traveler based in San Francisco, and 5 months ago, after a craving for gazpacho soup that led to thinking about how hard it is to get goods from abroad, especially thinking of things like medicines in my home country Russia, Grabr was born. People across the globe wish for things they don’t have access to every day, and our mission is to disrupt global logistics to create actual #globalization, not this false idea of it we have today. We want to help people around the globe get the things that they want, allow travelers to make money on the road, and create a global community in the process. I look forward to your comments and feedback. Always available by email Thank you for your support.
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@dariarebenok I've been hearing good things! Keep it up.
@writerpollock Thank you, Tristan! This is our goal :)
@dariarebenok @grabr damn this idea looks amazing.. can items be delivered to China?
@dave_lee @grabr Items can be delivered anywhere as long there is a traveler going to your country. So yes, of course!
Grabr is a community of global tastemakers who purchase and hand-deliver the most sought after goods anywhere in the world. Grabr makes it fast and easy for you to get new devices, your favorite foods, and essential medicine for their furry friends, no matter where you live, and what is available locally.
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I Like the concept. Uber and Amazon are trying to do the same with drivers and casual travellers. You definetively find backpackers as your main target because the rewards vs traditional shipping cost is profitable only where traditional shippers get expensive (customs, country limited products, long range distances). For in-country shipping it could be very handy if arrangements are done in train, bus stations, airport where the frequent travellers can easily drop the package without any further complication. Or maybe once he is in the destination country he can send through city mail (less than expensive then national or international shipping). I see a lot of potential and developments.
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@nick88msn Thanks! It is definitely what we are aiming for! Our mission in a so-called “globalized” world is to disrupt the global logistics that anyone in the world can get anything (including any medicine, or any other product they really need) within 24 hours
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@nick88msn Nicola, thank you for the feedback. I completely agree with you: backpackers, adventure travelers, flight attendants, international students are our big target. They already create a big portion of our user base. When travelers get to their destinations, they meet with shoppers in various public locations and oftentimes get to explore the new place with the help of a new friend from Grabr community. Definitely there is a big opportunity to look into local mail and courier deliveries to make it even more convenient
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Had tried service to grab stuff from state, it was awesome experience for me. Cheers the team
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@dao_anh_duc That's awesome to hear! Thank you so much for your support :)
With Grabr we have not just satisfied international community of shoppers craving for latest clothing item or their home foods, but we have managed to help people in developing countries to obtain vitamins and medicines, which were impossible to get in their domestic markets #proud