Play your favorite PC games from any web enabled device

Rainway lets you leverage the power of your PC to play your favorite games on any device, anywhere, at anytime. Overwatch on your mac? We got you covered. Want to play CIV on your tablet? We can handle that too. With Rainway, you can enjoy your favorite games without limitations.

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Suuuper interesting. The first startup I worked at was InstantAction, building tech to enable any game to be playable in the browser. While a very different solution than this, we were approaching a similar opportunity back in 2009. This also reminds me of Gaikai and Onlive, both acquired by Sony (edited my previous typo).
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@rrhoover The web as a platform has really evolved over the last 10 years. Hopefully we're able to keep pushing browsers to their limits and make a positive impact on their development. Would love to hear more about your time at InstantAction.
@rrhoover didn't Sony buy Gaikai and turned it into playstation now? Together with David Perry.
@ericdiepeveen you're right! I mixed this up. Edited!

There much more powerful app with the same idea — playkey.net


have a Mac so no pros yet


PC only

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That's incorrect. It works right now on Mac via browser just as PC. Try it out.
The Rainway web client allows you to play across most platforms without any extra downloads. Our self-hosted server is currently Windows only with plans for a macOS and Linux variant down the line.
Thanks Vladislav. I am founder of Playkey and just noticed accidentally your post! It motivates to make our product much better.
I difference is that you pay them T_T

Would love this service if it wasn't buggy and there were paid or free servers so you didn't need a gaming PC




Buggy, slow connection, need a gaming PC to run server

Hi Adrian, Sorry you had issues with our service, can you share some of these bugs you ran into? As for slow connections, this comes down to your internet and hardware as nothing is actually going through our servers. You need to properly configure the streaming for your machine.
Only for Windows PC. No server for Mac :(
@armen_mkrtchian even when games are on the Mac, most of the time they’re not even optimized for it. Macs are great but until fairly recently games weren’t even on its radar
@armen_mkrtchian While our server is currently Windows only, we do have plans for a macOS and Linux variant in our pipeline.
@andrewmd5 Great to hear that 👍
@kay0stheory that’s why a product like this could fix that
Thanks for your product! Now I can play games on my MacBook from my home PC everywhere http://take.ms/r8K1Q A lot of bugs but I believe that you will fix them soon 😉
@gogola If you find any major issues please message me on Twitter and I will take a look!