On-demand itemized physical storage

Omni is building the future of ownership and changing the way people interact with the things they own. Today, that means building the best platform and experience for storing, sharing and renting out your unused belongings to others in your community, and discovering items you can access (and they have big plans ahead).

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Hey everyone, I'm the CEO of Omni, the only on-demand physical storage solution giving you item level control. We are taking physical storage to the next level. We pick everything up, so you barely have to move a finger. Then we catalog your items individually, with high quality photos and descriptions, that gives you the ability to have your items delivered back when you want, in as little as 2 hours. What started as wanting an easy, convenient way to access belongings in storage has transformed into a personalized, on-demand experience. So whether you are a traveler, occasional kite-board surfer, a sneakerhead or even a small business owner — Omni puts your closet in your pocket so you can manage your belongings from anywhere and Live Lighter™. Go ahead and check us out!
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@tmcleod3 the landing page doesn't tell me anything about what it is. All I know is that: 1. I have "unleashed a kitten" 2. I'll get $5 towards something for entering a zip code 3. It (whatever /it/ is) works on the iPhone. Might want to think about adding a bit more information right off the bat. /my2cents
@sixside Ha... that's a @producthunt specific landing page... it assumes you read about Omni here or visited, which tells you all kinds of delicious things. For instance... we won't store that cat we've unleashed...
@tmcleod3 yup, I get that. But if someone just copy/pastes that link and shares it via email, social, etc... that new potential user will get the same landing page and not have a clue what they are looking at and have no idea what it has to do with cats. I could be wrong, but maybe you want to try testing it out: drop the ProductHunt landing page URL into and see what comes back from users that have no context whatsoever.
@sixside Got it. Great point. Will review and implement. Thanks! - TM
@tmcleod3 The same infrastructure can be used to rent the things you don't want to own. Isn't it? Why buy the stuff and then store it elsewhere?
I have been lucky enough to watch @tmcleod and @adamdexter build this from an idea (holy crap have they lived iterate, test and push) to what it is today. I am an advisor, so take every word past this point with the appropriate amount of salt. There are many services out there, technical and otherwise, that will pick up your stuff, put it in a warehouse and bring it back to you. Many have gotten a fair amount of funding and press. There are even AirBnb for your storage spaces. Lots of fun stuff in the space. Where I think Omni is doing something interesting is in the redefinition of storage. Rather than it being something you put away, almost never to get again or only on specific occasions (christmas decorations), Omni is focused on rapid cycling of items. So, those golf clubs you use every weekend, but have to step over all week? Boom. Or what about that one thing, you dont have place for, but need to make sure is out for mom when she visits? Done. Where I have been most impressed with their technology is not in the app itself, or the management of logistics of getting your stuff, but in how they can rapidly catalog and store individual items. Its amazing ...
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@micah That's a super helpful explanation, thanks - I was already aware of Omni & my boyfriend and I have been talking about using them to de-cram our teeny place in SoMa, but we hadn't thought about this use case at all. Jake's disc golf stuff, our camping gear, my guitar => closet space suddenly abounds.
Super excited to show this to everyone. We'd love your feedback!
@adamdexter How big can items be? Can people use this to store furniture?
@mscccc @adamdexter We'll take anything a single person can safely carry. So some furniture is definitely included in that!
Omni is one of the quickest times a product has ever changed my habits. I love having infrequently used stuff out of my space, but still accessible. I can't recommend the product highly enough. After a month, half my closet was in the app - I have more space at home and couldn't be happier. I'd love to see the app evolve to support bundles (so I can pull out all my camping gear at once, or more easily clear out my closet when hosting a guest in my house and then get it all back after). There are things like this in the future I'm excited about, but even with just v1 - it's pretty amazing.
@tylerwillis stay tuned! In the current pipeline for the next 3 months.
Just learning about this today, but I have been impressed by everything @tmcleod3 has touched. This guy wont give up until it works. Congrats team!
@thomasknoll Thanks TK! Getting after it over here!
@tmcleod3 LMK if I can help open MSP =)