Take a nap or shower in a luxury hotel


Jack Smith
@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
With Recharge; there's no need to rent a hotel for a day at a time. If you have a conference or something and want to just have a shower/use the gym, Recharge enables you to pay for the hotel by the minute. It's currently live in SF. https://recharge.co/app is the link to the iphone app Enter promo code “PH” in the app for 30 minutes free on your first sta… See more
Harris Karim
@hk_chic · Co-Founder of Tiki
Wonder if the next derivation will be Airbnb and Recharge - where you pay by the minute to rent someone's home. As an Airbnb host, I won't be too pleased with 20 odd businessmen going through my home every week to just use the shower and nap for a few hours - but maybe - if the rate was high enough. Great idea though!
Jake Gibson
This is pretty cool! Seems like Breather except you're not in some random person's conference room. Where in SF are you available right now? And what's next on your expansion plan?
Chris Wilson
@automateiq · VoiceCut CEO
Great concept and I can see where there is a need when you want to "recharge" but the price seems strange since a decent nap and shower will probably run you $100 or so, which means that you could use Hotel Tonight to find something in that range but for much longer. Any thoughts on the price?
Great Idea! I had one question in mind : How will the hotel manage room cleaning/maintenance between each traveller? Let's say 10 travellers use a room for 1 hour each. Does room service have to clean the room after each use? If not, the next customer will end up with a used shower and used sheets. On the flip side, room service between every use could be co… See more