Extract insights from customer conversations using AI

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Hey hunters! I’m Luciano, the CTO of ScopeAI. We were part of the YCW17 batch (previously known as Quiki). Thanks so much for hunting us @katmanalac! ScopeAI automates the process of communicating user insights to product and operation teams. Our product leverages natural language processing (a form of AI) to extract insights from customer support conversations. We integrate with existing support channels such as Zendesk, Intercom, (salesforce) to automatically tag and analyze conversations for trends in customer feedback. Our product automates the current process of: 1. Customer support teams manually tagging support tickets 2. Tracking and documenting trends 3. Communicating insights to product and operation teams Our goal is to replicate the functionality of a customer insights team through software! Would love to hear your feedback and answer any questions!
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Luciano and Natalie are the best. Keep it up guys!
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What if the customer support queries are coming to an email inbox? Can we integrate this? Very interesting.
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@basicgravity - Email integrations are on the way! If you request access on our site, we'll be sending out an update once they're available!
@basicgravity @natalieabeysena I would love this feature too!
@iloveluce - I love this! We just started using intercom, and are naturally seeing similar requests. We're extracting insights manually/anecdotally - doing this with Scope would be really powerful. Great work!
@natalieabeysena and @iloveluce what's the story behind the product?
@dariaevdo I used to do UX research and the process for extracting trends from user interviews was completely manual. I'd codify the conversations and count how frequently certain feedback was mentioned! We knew that that there needed to be a better way of extracting trends from unstructured data and started working on ScopeAI :)
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@natalieabeysena congratulations with the launch! Curious why you didn't do ScopeAI for UX interviews but for support? Or you plan to tackle the UX side as well in future?