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November 6th, 2019

Predictions! 🔮
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ICYMI: We’re testing out a new format for the newsletter, taking a look at the week’s big/small/weird/creative/futuristic product launches, along with a few other things you may have missed on Product Hunt.

Predictions 🔮

Native email marketing software will become a prerequisite for any company that helps you run a business.

On Tuesday, Shopify launched an email marketing tool designed to help merchants create, manage and track campaigns natively inside Shopify.

“Our goal at Shopify is to make entrepreneurship more accessible, and that includes making marketing a lot more approachable.“ - Shopify Product Manager Jacinthe Richard

And then Square launched a drag and drop email marketing tool yesterday. The software lets you design custom email, set up automated campaigns, and see how your marketing efforts affect your bottom line (from your Square Dashboard).

“Yesterday Shopify now Square. I wonder what Mailchimp thinks about this” - Ozgur

We’re curious what Mailchimp thinks too. Don’t forget that Squarespace launched it own built-in, beautifully-designed email campaign software last year.

Life Hacks ✍️

Thinking of starting a scooter company? Use this to do it without raising capital.

The “IMDB of podcasts” just debuted on Product Hunt. The idea is to help you find all of the podcast appearances of your favorite people in a superrr simple way (and it was built with no code!).

This tool will create funny and easy-to-remember passwords for you based on your “memorable insights.“

Remote Work 👀

Owl Labs made a smart 360-degree meeting room camera and speaker system that supports bigger meeting rooms. 

“While sitting in the center of a table, it uses vision and voice recognition to automatically shift the camera to focus on whoever is speaking. The result is a fully immersive experience for those who can’t be physically on-site, making everyone feel like they are in the same room.” - Owl Labs co-founder and CTO Mark Schnittman

It’s the only device of its kind on the market today. 

Sex Tech 💕

We expect to see more and more products focus on sex and intimacy. This week, Coral launched with a mix of curated science, stories and practical exercises created by experts.

We deliver a unique experience that will show you how to have a better and more fulfilling sex life using the latest evidence-based research accompanied by guided solo and partner exercises to take your pleasure up to 11.” - Coral founder and CEO Isherna Walsh

This year, we also saw Ferly and Dipsea launch in this space.

The Weird and Wacky 😜

Database of Nachos is exactly what it sounds like — a map of the U.S. with a comprehensive list of restaurants that serve nachos. You’re welcome.

Quiver is like Airbnb but for surfboards. You can rent surfboards in over twenty countries or start making $$$ by renting your board out to the surfing community.

Big Tech 💻

Adobe just launched a ton of new products, and we broke down their new TikTok tool in more detail on Monday. They also launched an AI-powered camera, their first augmented reality creation app and Photoshop for iPad.

Microsoft’s big announcement this week came in the form of their new Office app. It combines Word, Excel and PowerPoint into one.

Some other stuff from this week...

A new place for cooking #inspo from a celebrity. A modern dictionary worth reading. A discussion on the meditation apps that work. And a podcast on bootstrapping nine businesses to millions.

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