Start a scooter company without raising capital

Spring helps you launch a scooter rental business:
πŸ“± Apps with your branding
πŸ“Š Dashboard to manage metrics
πŸš΄β€β™€οΈ The best scooters, at cost
πŸ› Help with government permits
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I work for Segway Discovery-Ninebot providing scooters to customers all over the world. Although I have a choice of companies I can refer customers to for the software, dashboard, and app branding, I choose to work with Spring and Victor. What I like about Spring is that they can quickly provide customers with quality software at a fair price. They are transparent with their information, honest, responsive, and they don't lock customers into a contract like other companies do. Victor knows the industry better than most and travels to different manufacturers to personally test scooters and give his impartial review to customers, so customers know what they are getting. He is an easy and down to earth person to partner with and a rare find in this industry. I highly recommend Spring for anyone looking to start a scooter rental business.
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@sarah_hill1103 Thanks Sarah! Love working with you :)
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In the spring of 2018, I took my first ride on an electric scooter. I quickly saw how they could change cities for the better by providing a fun, cheap, and convenient way of getting around. I had recently left my previous job and I wanted to work in the industry. With a background in software engineering, I interviewed at Bird and Lime and contracted for Skip. I had job offers on the table, but I didn’t end up joining any of the companies. All of the scooter companies felt the same. They all said they were building a β€œcustom” scooter and that they wanted to be friends with city governments, but in reality, they were totally focused on raising money to buy scooters. Since then, the industry has evolved. But it's still tough for new operators to get that ground. And that's where Spring comes in. Spring helps new companies launch and makes it *really* easy. Since starting 4 months ago, we've already launched 4 companies in the US including: - Kuhmute β€” Launched in Flint Michigan by two college students. They are building docking stations for scooters. - Boaz β€” Launched in Atlanta and Detroit. Emil is a Christian musician who developed a custom scooter with a seat. Would love to hear what y'all think!
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I am a student currently studying marketing. I am writing a paper on entrepreneurial education. I would love to use your business as a case study example. Would you be interested in answering a few questions? This is a very unique concept. Very cool!
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Awesome work, Victor! Loving what I'm seeing. Question: What do you think are the most compelling (most underserved) metro areas for a starting another scooter company?
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@vivek_nair one of the exciting things is that it's been *super* hard to predict where scooters are going to do well. One of our customers is in Flint, Michigan running a great operation. And Calgary, Canada has tons of rides / scooter when it isn't freezing. So I'm excited to see more local businesses bring scooters to their area :).
How long does it take to get a new scooter company up and running from the time someone first contacts you?
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@turnernovak a branded app is very quick -- can be a day or two. Scooters from our manufacturers ship w/in a week. We find it's typically a few weeks / months since you need to work with the city, figure out parking locations, etc. But you can get going in as little as a week or two
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@viccypont Wow, that's fast!
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