Database of Nachos

An ever expanding map of places to find nachos

D.O.N. is the power of artificial intelligence dedicated to finding ... NACHOS. With all 50 states, 1,763 cities, and over 29,000 restaurants, D.O.N. is the internet's comprehensive listing of restaurants that serve nachos on a geolocated map.
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I built this because I love nachos. And because I needed to figure out how to use PostGIS for a client so why not prototype with something I love?
You should make one for tacos
@aaronoleary Tacos get too much attention. Nachos need all of our love.
Wow, excellent)) And should do one for burgers)))
It's not tacos, but I think you'll appreciate this, @noahkagan. ๐ŸŒฎ
@noahkagan @rrhoover "it's not tacos" is literally the number 1 thing people tell me when I mention this ๐Ÿ˜‚. Customer feedback be damned. NACHOS FOR LIFE
@noahkagan @rrhoover @tjmule tacos are way too mainstream and basic. oh cool, you like tacos, wow you're just like everyone else.
Comic Sans. Love it. Ps: Not working on Safari 13.0.2 (macOS Mojave), I'm not getting the map "Hold please....finding all my friends"
@akdm_ Ah dang, will take a look. thanks for the heads up!