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#3 Product of the DayNovember 06, 2019
Do you like Intercom's filtering system to structure your users? Well, now you have that with your content!
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Great reporting tool!
@filip_van_pottelbergh Thanks Filip, is useful to find which content to repurpose from the best performing content we've published in the past.
Here at StoryChief, we are always advancing our existing features to the next level! And this feature is crucial to monitor your content. We know how painful it is to analyze the content you are working on or published before. It's important that you can find relevant information lightning-fast. Like when you have your content meeting and want to show your team a list of drafts or published stories that meet certain criteria. For example, a deadline, SEO score, approval status, and performance. Meet the new stories listing system within StoryChief: ⚡️ SET UP YOUR KPI's Display the KPI columns that are important to you. Some examples being: SEO score status, Read time, Nº of Reads, and Nº of Views. ⚡️ FILTER, SEARCH, SORT, AND SHARE Use the Filter button to show the content list that meets certain data criteria: Example - show me a list of stories that: 👉Have an SEO score that is above 80% 👉Were updated by 'person X' after a certain date 👉Have an approval status of 'Pending' 👉The destination is set to 'LinkedIn profile of the CEO', 'Facebook page of the company' 👉The internal deadline is set to a certain date 👉Have the tag 'awareness' 👉The Language is 'English' ...
@valeripotchekailov awesome product guys! Love it.
Guys, cool to see that you never stop improving StoryChief. Kudos to the team!
@myalanska Thanks! By the way if you want to see what's next, here is our public roadmap:
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Great. Looking forward to using it.
Website is not working !
@mikedane7 - works for me perfectly.
@mikedane7 Hey Mike, that's strange, works fine on our side, should be working everywhere as we are on AWS. Can you try to refresh or use another browser please? Where are you located?