The Quiver

It's like Airbnb but for Surfboards

The most trusted marketplace for surfboard rentals. Rent boards in over 20+ countries or list your quiver and start making money renting to a worldwide surf community.
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Hey Product Hunters, excited for our big relaunch of The Quiver today! 🤙🤙🤙 The Quiver is a marketplace for renting surfboards and has been around for nearly 4 years, but we never really made a launch. We're excited to do so today with an entirely new marketplace. Here’s what’s new with The Quiver 👇️ ✅New branding and logo! We're also The Quiver ™️ ✅Totally new site design and look & feel ✅Optimized listings and user experience ✅Boards available to rent worldwide in 20+ countries The Quiver would not be where it’s at today without everyone’s support. I can’t thank everyone enough as today is the biggest day yet for The Quiver so I appreciate the continued support, feedback, and helping spread the word! I’ll be here today to answer any questions! 👊 PS: A special thank you goes out to my partner Rob Bonvetti, the entire Quiver team, @mike_williams_yoroomie_ for hunting us and the team at Sharetribe!
Cool idea. It's a trend in feature. Share economic will be more and more popular. But how to build an online trust net is a big question.
Cool niche marketplace for renting surfboards and looks like they have like quite the selection of boards. I haven't used The Quiver yet, but going to try and use it for an upcoming trip soon. Also bonus that it's a no code marketplace built using Sharetribe! @gnomet @kusti
It’s incredibly easy find whatever kind of board you are looking to shred the gnar with
It's an amazing idea, thank you for implementing this. I was a bit confused about location selector. If I click on "View all locations" I see a lot of the boards, but without any location. I hope you going to spread yourself on Bali, good luck! :)