Your audio guide to mindful sex

Ferly is your guide to feeling confident, healthy and sexually empowered. Unwind with our mindful practices, stimulate your brain and body with our sensual stories or take a moment to reflect on what great sex means to you.
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Amazing work! I've had the pleasure to meet and get to know the founders, @billie_quinlan1 and Anna in London the past year — they are both as awesome as Ferly is itself. Ferly is changing the game in wellness, making what is normally an uncomfortable topic, truly comfortable 🏌️‍♀️Would highly recommend installing and exploring.
@nicksmithr thank you! Such a treat getting to know you too :)
Saw this featured in an article by The Next Web on how sexual assault survivors are using Ferly to regain their confidence 🙌 A great example of using tech for good! Congrats on the launch, @billiequinlan and @annahushlak 🙏
Thanks @amrith! It's such an important issue, 1 in 3 womxn globally will be a survivor of sexual violence. Ferly is for any person that understands the importance of sexual wellbeing to their health and happiness. We should be life long learners when it comes to sex as we're constantly evolving as individuals. Ferly is a space for people to explore their sexuality, close the knowledge gap and unlock pleasure for themselves and their relationships.
Absolutely love this! I can't wait to use this more in my life :D
@bluebirdanthorn Aww we are so pleased! x
Awesome to see this live, @billie_quinlan1. I played with the beta a few weeks back. The sexual wellness space seems to be getting more attention in tech. A few days ago, Intimate Capital, announced their fund dedicated to this space.
@rrhoover I saw and it's about time! ;)
Hey @amrith, thanks so much for hunting us!