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Coral is your guide to horizontal happiness! Create your best sex life life with a mix of science, stories and practical exercises created by experts, curated for you.
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Hey ProductHunt, Firstly, thanks @rrhoover for hunting us! Intimacy is one of the primary pillars of human happiness, however we spend less time and energy on it than we do exercise, diet... and our succulent collection. Most of us, at some stage in our lives, will experience low desire, boredom in the bedroom or a desire to improve our sexual performance. Or we may just realize that there could be more pleasure out there! For people looking for support or inspiration, the path can be confusing, unclear, expensive and riddled with inconsistent or inaccurate information. Rather than investing in piles of books, expensive courses and relying on less than realistic porn, I decided that the world needed a trusted, accessible, affordable guide for sexual self improvement - thus Coral was born. We deliver a unique experience that will show you how to have a better and more fulfilling sex life using the latest evidence-based research accompanied by guided solo and partner exercises to take your pleasure up to 11. Key Coral Features - 🚀A content journey curated just for you 📝Science based information - based on peer reviewed journals and vetted by internationally recognized experts 🎧 Audio stories from real Coral users 💗 Sexual pulse tracker to record how you're feeling about your sex life each week 👋 Solo and partner exercises, written and guided by experts Our data already shows that Coral users experience deeper connections, more pleasure and boosted confidence and we think that's pretty great. I'm here for any questions and would love to know what you think. Thanks for the support! 🙌
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@isharna_walsh Hi, growth guy here. This looks great, love the brand design. I initially thought Headspace or sex life, though at a glance this is a lot to take in. Calm & Headspace are as easy as playing a podcast, and I think users quickly understand and see the value in that. Your app didn't appear in App Store "Coral" search, do you have restrictions? I've notice platforms tend to unfairly silence sex brands. (Dame products on MTA and Facebook...) I also noticed the discussion portion in your app is behind a paywall. Have you considered making a community forum that's open? This could potentially be a great source of UGC and fuel growth. Ideally, it attracts users and keeps them engaged... and you monetize them later. But I imagine impulse annual subs can net out higher (nothing wrong with that). I'm expecting a rise of community apps influenced by popular subreddits, like r/RelationshipAdvice... I've also notice sex bloggers on IG, they may be willing to take their content to platforms like Coral if it provided the medium.
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@armand thanks for your thoughts! Re search for Coral - were brand new in the App Store so have to work on ASO. Coral sex or coral intimacy will get you there... I don’t think there are restrictions other than age. We have discussed the placement of paywall relation to community extensively... There’s definitely arguments both ways but for now our priority is providing a safe space for meaningful conversation, hence the current placement. Your comment re: providing an uncensored space for influencers is thought provoking though so stay tuned ☺️ This is definitely our first iteration! Lots of improvements to come.
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@isharna_walsh It's an amazing 1.0, excited to see what your team creates.
I've been following Coral for a while and tried the beta. I like how Isharna and team have focused on offering multiple forms of education and exploration, in a space that's heating up (pun intended... sorry). It seems like we're seeing more startups focus on sex and intimacy lately. Ferly and Dipsea are a few others that launched this year.
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I am a very proud investor in Coral and a member of the Coral community. I think that Coral has the potential to help make profound shifts in human connection. I have come to believe that most every human is held back in achieving their human potential for two reasons: 1) When we were children, we were not loved by our parents in the way we wanted to be loved and therefore don’t believe we are worthy of achieving our greatest dreams; 2) That public institutions especially organized religion and educational institutions reinforced a belief that the innate human desire of physical connection with others is shameful or at worst, sinful. I challenge you to share with each person in your life that you trust the MOST to volunteer to them your most honest sexual desires, and ask them to share the same with you. I believe you would find that either you are incapable of being truly honest and/or that most of the people you ask to share with you can’t even begin to have that conversation. Coral has already helped me and my partner, have even more honest conversations about our desires and how we can better pleasure each other. Even though I cringe as I write that last line, I feel it’s important I lead with the honesty that Coral helps facilitate. I believe Coral is building an incredible new social network, based on what so much of our social networks lack: authenticity and honesty. Coral is exactly what the world needs now. @isharna_walsh is the exact right founder to lead this community. So join us, you and your partner(s) can thank her later!
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Firstly founders, @tomwilliams is an amazing investor! Thank you for being an open (and vulnerable) advocate, Tom. We appreciate you!
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Coral is an amazing app to dig deeper and ask yourself those questions about your pleasure and desire that you usually compartmentalize. It's also really cool to read through the discussions and see the problems people are facing and the solutions they have and how you can relate to it. Makes you feel heard and seen.
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@mariah_neumaier Glad to hear you're enjoying the community features, there's so much stigma around talking about sex, part of our goal is to open these conversations and make us all realize we're not alone!
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Really love all that Coral has to offer - have been waiting for an app like this to come to the market. My favorite part is the "discover" feature. It's a safe space where other users can join in on different discussions and share their stories. 10/10 recommend this app!
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