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#4 Product of the DayNovember 06, 2019
Create, send, and track email marketing campaigns in minutes. With our email marketing software, you can easily design custom email, set up automated campaigns, and see how your marketing efforts affect your bottom line—right from your Square Dashboard.
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Yesterday Shopify now Square. I wonder what Mailchimp thinks about this 😄
@ozgrozer Not sure what Mailchimp thinks, but I would choose push campaign any day. Saw 700% more sign-ups with push compared to mail.
@ozgrozer @nenad_simicevic what do you mean by "push" like push notifications (via app) vs. email?
@ozgrozer @adrian_salamunovic yes, via browser or a device. A powerful option to keep the users engaged. They dont have to sign-up but you have them on your list. Stopped using (or even thinking about) Email campaigns once I discovered push notifications. It is probably not for everyone, but the numbers have skyrocketed for 90% of the sites that I am tracking.
@ozgrozer @nenad_simicevic Interesting. What about SMS? Have you tested it yet?
Your main product is someone else's feature
We’re finally at the point platforms are eating their integrations a la Amazon Basics.
I guess horizontal growth is the next logical step after saturating vertical growth
Pretty good project, and very well done. Good job, my only concern is the website not being any fast, it takes a good second for any function to happen. At least on my phone.